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Delete any Discussion on the Forum with the word "Rate" in the title.1627,Jul,11 23:03
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How many cocks in the range of 12 cm/4.7 inch on SYD?627,Jul,11 10:51
How much doe it grow827,Jul,11 07:57
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rate my thick cock225,Jul,11 19:05
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Smooth cock and balls325,Jul,11 17:35
Guys who Post As females825,Jul,11 15:02
GIFTS625,Jul,11 15:00
Check out the new pics please. Comment them I'll return the favor 425,Jul,11 13:52
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Quick penetrating sex625,Jul,11 02:11
High school boy cock !524,Jul,11 23:54
have u show ur cum to other224,Jul,11 21:42
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cut or uncut in the wrong area624,Jul,11 20:02
Advice324,Jul,11 16:41
cock piercing advice!424,Jul,11 15:31
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Do You Give Good Head?724,Jul,11 10:43
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did u fuck ur maid ever424,Jul,11 03:35
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Have you ever jacked off to something weird?224,Jul,11 00:18
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my foreskin is too narrow and i cant see my (eichel) peak of my penis)323,Jul,11 23:18
new boy! 19 yo and 20cm323,Jul,11 22:42
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if you are willing to jerk on cam, here you can come together323,Jul,11 13:26
AM I BIG ENOUGH ? 223,Jul,11 10:46
Getting Hard At The Gym223,Jul,11 09:34
Hello there new to the forum323,Jul,11 09:02
love to have other mens opinion of me, than you.323,Jul,11 08:50
lol, lol, login names, people are thinking, what made you CUM up with that name...???522,Jul,11 23:59
Masturbation step222,Jul,11 22:55
anyone been dogging322,Jul,11 22:29
"aroma" of you dick322,Jul,11 22:21
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What do you think of my cock?422,Jul,11 21:11
how old does my dick look?722,Jul,11 20:39
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Semen healing powers 922,Jul,11 16:04
Send my wife a message!322,Jul,11 15:56
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another round of boring morning sex :D122,Jul,11 15:36
RATE MY DICK222,Jul,11 14:03
rate my dick222,Jul,11 14:00
rate my cock out of 10?222,Jul,11 13:52
My 18 y/o dick322,Jul,11 13:49
ass on masturbation222,Jul,11 12:40
19 year old thick uncut pics222,Jul,11 12:21
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soft cock cummin222,Jul,11 09:22
Hi, new to this site!222,Jul,11 04:10
What do you think221,Jul,11 23:04
missed me?221,Jul,11 22:50
lying in the bath and need to pee 321,Jul,11 22:46
meet up for sex621,Jul,11 21:36
points421,Jul,11 13:18
Whats In A Name?321,Jul,11 07:19
voting?221,Jul,11 03:58
New Girl On The Site!!321,Jul,11 03:39
what age perfect to circum??921,Jul,11 01:36
Give me cock!!220,Jul,11 20:49
big balls ?820,Jul,11 20:47
For the Guys420,Jul,11 19:28
Guess my size...220,Jul,11 19:10
Hi there, what do you think about my cock? I would like to hear if you like it or not320,Jul,11 18:46
ANY UK LADS OUT THERE?420,Jul,11 18:35
Sucking dick220,Jul,11 17:38
Why do guys want to share their cock pics?220,Jul,11 17:28
Just put it in your mouth...320,Jul,11 17:15
Straight guys, this ones for you...3220,Jul,11 12:26
Anyone want to suck my cock?520,Jul,11 12:11
Suck me320,Jul,11 11:31
18Yo, Virgin and Puerto Rican220,Jul,11 11:19
Would you suck? 420,Jul,11 11:11
would you suck my dick? 420,Jul,11 10:59
What's up with this phone number?720,Jul,11 10:12
new member220,Jul,11 08:12
Please have a look &...220,Jul,11 03:20
tell me what you think220,Jul,11 03:14
Your virginity how and when did you lose it?520,Jul,11 03:00
19 year old Canadain looking for fun 220,Jul,11 02:47
Honestly, my cock just wants a little attention... Look at it. Please.820,Jul,11 02:39
Who wants to play with my cock?220,Jul,11 02:26
Young guy new here220,Jul,11 02:24
Day off Saturday - Cock fun?120,Jul,11 01:36
Short but fat penis...520,Jul,11 01:21
anyone met trough this site??219,Jul,11 21:51
Read Profiles Before Commenting & Be Nice.719,Jul,11 21:25
Anyone from Barnsley? x219,Jul,11 20:58
any uncut dicks in arizona 319,Jul,11 20:45
Do ladies think my cock is to small?219,Jul,11 20:35
would you like to suck my dick?319,Jul,11 20:16
Do women like small cocks?219,Jul,11 19:03
Meeting others from this site.219,Jul,11 17:23
who wants to lick and suck my new balls819,Jul,11 15:29
Does my dick get you hot?219,Jul,11 15:24
Like my foreskin?619,Jul,11 14:56
i think im small219,Jul,11 14:53
wanking over pics of friends!318,Jul,11 20:06
I need your opinion about my dick's bend418,Jul,11 19:32
do u think dick is ok??418,Jul,11 18:34
See ya douchebags!!318,Jul,11 18:28
Ultimate Turn On?818,Jul,11 18:24
HOW old you think my dick is?318,Jul,11 18:16
Why so much shaving?1418,Jul,11 18:14
Masturbate to my cock!218,Jul,11 16:34
My 19 yr old horny penis is waiting to be looked at118,Jul,11 05:03
on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate my cock?218,Jul,11 01:37
What part about a cock turns you on?817,Jul,11 22:41
straight guy wants to xperience a cock......HOW617,Jul,11 19:47
Docking1217,Jul,11 19:20
Have you jacked to my pics?417,Jul,11 18:24
does anyone like the look of my small cock217,Jul,11 17:55
I love older men where are you917,Jul,11 16:40
is any one horny right now 717,Jul,11 16:36
is this bad?317,Jul,11 14:55
Old but gold?2517,Jul,11 10:47
"One Month Load"317,Jul,11 10:29
let me suck you off! 217,Jul,11 10:27
Ladies (and guys), do I qualify as well hung?417,Jul,11 10:24
Eat your cum!317,Jul,11 10:23
tight foreskin917,Jul,11 09:21
Would you suck me off?317,Jul,11 08:43
Is 8 inches big enough ?????517,Jul,11 08:41
Go look at my new pics217,Jul,11 08:24
latin dicks617,Jul,11 08:23
Looking for feedback on my cock.217,Jul,11 08:20
late night chat was a heist!!!317,Jul,11 07:15
My Big Dick xD317,Jul,11 07:11
How big my cock is??517,Jul,11 07:00
just curious?517,Jul,11 06:49
What do you think?317,Jul,11 06:23
what do you think about my 18 yo dick?817,Jul,11 05:31
do u like this?217,Jul,11 01:17
To shave or, not tho shave?317,Jul,11 00:49
New member, what do you think?416,Jul,11 22:50
Please rate 7.75inch - thick too... ;)316,Jul,11 22:43
What do your ink of my dicks size216,Jul,11 22:03
Wet dreams!!!!3016,Jul,11 21:46
If you like pee, come to me316,Jul,11 21:43
low hangers516,Jul,11 21:22
What do you think?216,Jul,11 18:47
What do you think about my cock216,Jul,11 18:44
respond please516,Jul,11 18:39
Blocking face in pics??216,Jul,11 18:38
My house docter and my boss are both bi-sexual. What to do?416,Jul,11 18:30
Been awhile, but new pics416,Jul,11 18:28
Is my cock small?216,Jul,11 18:25
Best way to masterbait???316,Jul,11 18:22
cum!!!!216,Jul,11 18:09
Stroking216,Jul,11 18:02
ur shaved pubes216,Jul,11 17:57
which way does your penis hang.616,Jul,11 17:48
how to find girls to fuck416,Jul,11 17:40
Taste ur own cum1116,Jul,11 17:35
is my dick small?316,Jul,11 16:48
Hi im new! 316,Jul,11 16:24
straight guy suck off 316,Jul,11 14:05
fuck my girlfriend216,Jul,11 14:02
What do you think when you see the mark on my cockhead?616,Jul,11 13:56
has anybody found someone on this site they know1116,Jul,11 13:32
People who show their faces in their pics!416,Jul,11 12:26
Bunch of Peeping Tom's !!616,Jul,11 12:21
Plz rate my young hard cock :) check out me page!! sex pics too!316,Jul,11 12:07
Check out my 19 y/o cock :)416,Jul,11 11:57
what do you think216,Jul,11 07:54
looking for others116,Jul,11 07:50
I don't know if I'm gay316,Jul,11 07:07
Do you fuck with a Prince Albert in your cock?1816,Jul,11 05:58
Is my cock size alright??116,Jul,11 01:24
what do you want to do with my cock?216,Jul,11 00:11
would like to suck dick315,Jul,11 23:59
Married and up for it315,Jul,11 22:27
RATE MY HUGE COCK215,Jul,11 22:24
Would you suck my dick??415,Jul,11 22:19
should I?515,Jul,11 22:17
would you fuck or suck me?315,Jul,11 22:12
What to do when bored and alone715,Jul,11 20:29
old comments315,Jul,11 18:36
My Dong215,Jul,11 16:18
oral sex215,Jul,11 16:15
want my meaty cock?? is it big?315,Jul,11 15:38
Who would suck my dick for an hour715,Jul,11 13:56
I can self suck215,Jul,11 13:10
Blowjob215,Jul,11 09:54
What would you do to me?215,Jul,11 09:25
blow job515,Jul,11 09:23
Getting it out515,Jul,11 09:12
new comment my pic215,Jul,11 01:58
Who likes really big dick?814,Jul,11 23:31
do you like my cock???214,Jul,11 23:22
I'm a new member314,Jul,11 20:45
What do you think?214,Jul,11 20:38
Rate my cock.214,Jul,11 20:34
What would you rate my cock?.....214,Jul,11 19:11
Virgin Dick What do you think?214,Jul,11 19:01
do you like?414,Jul,11 18:34
who like to suck my cock314,Jul,11 18:28
Is my cock thick enough?214,Jul,11 17:52
Rate me214,Jul,11 17:45
you like my dick214,Jul,11 17:08
Tell me what you think of my meat 514,Jul,11 17:03
Can everyone comment on my dick, if you like it or not?214,Jul,11 16:59
cum on me214,Jul,11 16:53
do you like my dick?214,Jul,11 16:41
Who would suck me? And who would want my cock inside them? 314,Jul,11 16:38
young and horny cock214,Jul,11 16:23
Comment my cock pics ladies and guys:)214,Jul,11 15:50
Jack. What do you think about my cock?214,Jul,11 15:35
Muslim Dick514,Jul,11 07:34
big head614,Jul,11 07:31
please rate my cock. 1 to 10214,Jul,11 03:22
VIRGIN214,Jul,11 03:15
question314,Jul,11 03:11
Anyone wanna....214,Jul,11 03:05
New cock on the block214,Jul,11 02:58
Sexy Virgin Cock Here214,Jul,11 02:56
Do you like my cock314,Jul,11 02:41
What you think of my bIg young cock?214,Jul,11 02:38
Be honest on my cock... is it small..?814,Jul,11 02:24
Rate my dick (10-1)214,Jul,11 02:16
my cock214,Jul,11 02:07
IS MY COCK TOO SMALL????214,Jul,11 02:01
How many times can u jack off in a row?514,Jul,11 02:00
what do you think of my cock?214,Jul,11 01:55
Whats best n worse with my cock?414,Jul,11 01:30
I'm 19, first post, what do you think of my uncut dick ?214,Jul,11 01:28
curved down cocks514,Jul,11 01:24
My dick114,Jul,11 01:14
is my penis good?214,Jul,11 01:11
what you think to this?214,Jul,11 00:52
Active or Passive?313,Jul,11 23:05
Blow and go or all nighter?313,Jul,11 23:02
pre cum LOVE it413,Jul,11 22:39
where do you live?1113,Jul,11 22:34
Who else has salt and pepper pubes?313,Jul,11 22:13
Would you suck my dick1213,Jul,11 17:19
do u like my 7.5inches of raw meat ?713,Jul,11 17:13
The Way Your Balls Hang1613,Jul,11 14:52
Cum eating313,Jul,11 14:34
Too big??513,Jul,11 13:58
Post your dick here if you think yours is bigger than mine :)413,Jul,11 13:49
My cock: Hot or Not?313,Jul,11 10:09
Do straight or bi guys like my ass?313,Jul,11 10:07
well, um, 213,Jul,11 09:47
do str8 guys thnk bout sex with other guys 313,Jul,11 09:39
cock sucking213,Jul,11 09:35
i think that i have a good ass, you think so?213,Jul,11 09:22
Comment the wife813,Jul,11 05:37
Chennai folks112,Jul,11 22:25
Any other straight guys ever wanted to be felt up by a guy?312,Jul,11 21:05
"BigO"rgasm112,Jul,11 20:15
Difficulty in placing pic in "top banner"?212,Jul,11 13:15
is it nice?212,Jul,11 12:50
would you give up 2 inches in length for more girth?212,Jul,11 01:30
who is in beckley wv111,Jul,11 16:46
Who all here is castrated???1811,Jul,11 16:38
White Long Underwear411,Jul,11 16:19
Requests and improvments for the site911,Jul,11 13:01
womans perspective111,Jul,11 10:12
Webcam 211,Jul,11 06:22
Notions of beauty311,Jul,11 03:18
Any young sexy guys in here? :P211,Jul,11 02:37
Want to see hairy guys!!!610,Jul,11 21:28
first ever gloryhole210,Jul,11 21:19
Custom porn310,Jul,11 18:21
First Shave510,Jul,11 18:08
Public jerking610,Jul,11 18:03
"Pissing/Oozing Pre-Cum"210,Jul,11 17:37
How do you post pics?210,Jul,11 17:14
Forum Photos410,Jul,11 08:25
me shoving it in my gf, what you think??310,Jul,11 02:03
how big do you have to be to make a girl techanicallty deep throat you?410,Jul,11 01:23
Pictures from a girl410,Jul,11 01:22
Longest ever masturbaited310,Jul,11 00:22
do i have the biggest cunt in the world?310,Jul,11 00:07
Cock Names709,Jul,11 23:16
please cum on my hot tits209,Jul,11 21:59
Small guy who want bigboys comments309,Jul,11 18:42
Under 5 Inches!?209,Jul,11 18:39
From doglover to all on SYD-not replying to PMs etc209,Jul,11 12:35
Penis pumps309,Jul,11 10:27
The 5-6 inchers club4309,Jul,11 02:44
Worst sex experience ever709,Jul,11 01:14
Cougars/Older women who dig younger men308,Jul,11 23:18
Your favorite?108,Jul,11 23:17
Want to meet me in up state SC?208,Jul,11 21:48
Whos young here?!! with a nice dick?208,Jul,11 20:11
How to....?908,Jul,11 01:25
Would you put yours in here?208,Jul,11 01:04
Need expert SYD advice407,Jul,11 16:33
why are you here?1007,Jul,11 13:23
The under 5inch club507,Jul,11 00:20
Skype Advice206,Jul,11 11:12
No more anonymous voting805,Jul,11 22:51
Masturbators405,Jul,11 22:46
glory holes 105,Jul,11 17:33
In Melbourne 7th July n would love to try it with a guy 205,Jul,11 13:07
sex with a dawf1104,Jul,11 16:53
Would you swallow a load from this cock?304,Jul,11 11:41
anal masturbation203,Jul,11 23:34
Before and After, tell me what u think, i find it very hot503,Jul,11 16:43
Someone is Selling their Panties through SYC - And it stinks!1803,Jul,11 14:51
glory holes in michigan503,Jul,11 12:21
Cock ring1403,Jul,11 12:17
Are my pictures showing?203,Jul,11 10:31
Check out my 19 y/o cock :)303,Jul,11 02:23
im on my knees naked502,Jul,11 23:38
Photoshopping is faking but...202,Jul,11 20:17
want to meet females who want my cock102,Jul,11 16:04
WANKING 202,Jul,11 15:53
anal sex with fat girls and women202,Jul,11 10:40
but plug wont fit102,Jul,11 07:40
UFO cocks...401,Jul,11 18:21
female shaved armpits..401,Jul,11 12:36
Help me to hang my balls low.201,Jul,11 10:11
The feel of your pubes after fuckng401,Jul,11 00:30
Music?430,Jun,11 23:20
looking for big dick530,Jun,11 17:44
Poitive Feedback needed130,Jun,11 16:19
Sexuality = Parenting ????530,Jun,11 16:14
ADMIN - EMOTION ICONS630,Jun,11 16:03
Masterbation Record!1030,Jun,11 14:37
MFK - Merry/Fuck/Kill230,Jun,11 12:26
where you watch porn?129,Jun,11 18:38
Cumming on Pics729,Jun,11 09:13
get to the first page229,Jun,11 03:44
Birthday228,Jun,11 21:52
TIGHT PUSSY 828,Jun,11 13:24
Piss828,Jun,11 11:40
F*'ing my own cock? Sounding? I just tried it!328,Jun,11 09:28
Who would like to lick my girls asshole?228,Jun,11 03:38
Naked Laps728,Jun,11 02:08
My flaccid dick528,Jun,11 01:48
mutual masterbation628,Jun,11 00:44
Has anybody ever had a.....228,Jun,11 00:12
what do you think of my 18 yr old body?327,Jun,11 23:46
What Flavor is my Lollipop?227,Jun,11 20:00
Women watching men selfsuck227,Jun,11 18:30
Small or big???227,Jun,11 14:07
Best nickname here!!627,Jun,11 07:18
Getting noticed227,Jun,11 06:11
Up My Ass427,Jun,11 06:08
Sex with celebrity?827,Jun,11 05:48
I get hard looking at dicks but im not attracted to men627,Jun,11 05:09
Would U fuck me? 427,Jun,11 02:05
Would You Lick My Pussy?1127,Jun,11 01:25
Taking suggestions for pics526,Jun,11 23:57
do u like my cunt626,Jun,11 04:47
hot SYD videos326,Jun,11 00:08
Hi dear guys! Are you like my pussy?624,Jun,11 18:32
Is it possible to remove the "little dots" around the base of the cockhead?324,Jun,11 12:10
Do sites like these draw the big dicks?324,Jun,11 05:11
Put huge things in my Ass223,Jun,11 21:48
Who likes to penis pump523,Jun,11 20:49
cum on my pics123,Jun,11 19:22
what ever picture u want ill take it223,Jun,11 18:59
OYSTER photos down523,Jun,11 15:03
small penis head323,Jun,11 03:10
Hung College Guy Club122,Jun,11 00:07
Is there anyone else who has to wear snug fit condoms221,Jun,11 23:55
First time shaved cock today. Plz rate if you get a second hehe 721,Jun,11 23:19
hairy or shaved521,Jun,11 20:37
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someone want to buy my cock?221,Jun,11 03:11
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WATCH MY COCK120,Jun,11 19:40
Would you fuck my arse?420,Jun,11 13:39
Rate my cock220,Jun,11 13:32
Will anyone please come fuck my tight ass? . 220,Jun,11 01:43
how long have you gone with out masterbating? 120,Jun,11 00:36
Flashing in pubplic320,Jun,11 00:00
first cum1619,Jun,11 22:29
BIG GUYS - want to swap dicks with me?319,Jun,11 20:01
Penis' position in underwear3319,Jun,11 18:34
What would you do to me if you had a chance319,Jun,11 14:33
would you try or do this619,Jun,11 14:07
Warts319,Jun,11 12:09
SMOOTH ASS....119,Jun,11 11:20
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me gustaria conocer las opiniones de mis genitales119,Jun,11 08:32
If you are small, uncut, and would like short, explicit custom...319,Jun,11 01:03
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SKYPE119,Jun,11 00:49
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Which is better length or girth?218,Jun,11 23:03
What is the perfect cock size?418,Jun,11 22:55
Felching 218,Jun,11 22:52
Despite visits and pic comments etc... Why are my points not increasing?218,Jun,11 16:34
Best sexual experience?218,Jun,11 12:59
Graduated High School Yesterday!!!217,Jun,11 20:13
What Is The Most Imaginative B'Day Card You Have Received?417,Jun,11 19:00
My ass...217,Jun,11 07:53
stroking it317,Jun,11 06:43
FANTASTIC free hetero-foreskin play forum... did I say it's FREE!!!117,Jun,11 03:14
peeing pics916,Jun,11 22:58
Newly Shaved Man316,Jun,11 22:52
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Orgasm316,Jun,11 12:26
Plz, pleze, please comment my pics.116,Jun,11 00:46
rate my hairy pussy914,Jun,11 19:26
Getting your girl in the mood214,Jun,11 13:50
describe your orgasm114,Jun,11 12:35
So Is This Normal?1513,Jun,11 20:33
Admin113,Jun,11 03:12
Dog Knot612,Jun,11 13:50
"Soft to Hard Pics"312,Jun,11 06:44
3.5 inches is?311,Jun,11 21:32
who wants too ride this cock111,Jun,11 20:24
How many girls like to see 2 guys in action? Would you join in?811,Jun,11 12:54
Why do I get abuse from members with no pics?411,Jun,11 09:07
this kinda turns me on,mmm.310,Jun,11 16:29
best way to show yourself210,Jun,11 10:39
Pumping pictures?310,Jun,11 02:29
best dick/pussy for me 210,Jun,11 01:17
me fucking screaming gf209,Jun,11 20:05
to shave or not409,Jun,11 19:32
Sext Me1609,Jun,11 18:12
someone cam 2 cam209,Jun,11 14:46
Cam 2 cam509,Jun,11 14:46
bi curious guys609,Jun,11 12:57
How was the first time you wanked?209,Jun,11 05:29
cock question909,Jun,11 03:14
Foreskin question809,Jun,11 02:11
Best way to get a girl to have sex with you??708,Jun,11 18:03
New member pics posted208,Jun,11 06:15
Hairy Balls. who's got the hairiest?408,Jun,11 04:00
Going a Month without Jerking off...........1007,Jun,11 11:50
PUSSY LIPS1407,Jun,11 11:29
Getting hard in her207,Jun,11 03:23
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wanna play with me?206,Jun,11 21:04
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18 Year Old UK boys106,Jun,11 16:44
Fans of Bernd8888's photos906,Jun,11 14:37
virgins206,Jun,11 12:42
Pubes, what do you do with them?1106,Jun,11 12:19
MILF Search306,Jun,11 11:41
Tight or loose ass, which is better?606,Jun,11 01:17
cam wank105,Jun,11 21:42
PUSSY FLAVOR805,Jun,11 13:42
Please watch our new video and comment205,Jun,11 02:18
CUM FOR HER205,Jun,11 02:08
does this ass and pussy make your cock hard?304,Jun,11 19:34
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