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best cock contest comment n post your entry902,Jan,14 12:20
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how important are tits for you?1001,Jan,14 20:16
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TRUE OR FALSE7701,Jan,14 14:28
I want to fuck cum4stuff!! anyone else?2501,Jan,14 12:17
Happy Nude year 2014 everyone301,Jan,14 08:07
i've restored my foreskin, do i look natural ???1101,Jan,14 04:34
Show your best pic of your dick/pussy!1931,Dec,13 22:11
Happy New Year 2013! 2231,Dec,13 18:51
Who else likes sniffing their asshole while jacking?431,Dec,13 08:20
Big Boobs What Is Your favorite size ?931,Dec,13 00:59
Sex Bucket List2331,Dec,13 00:56
Show Your Toys!!!1030,Dec,13 21:48
Post your most visited photos4330,Dec,13 21:06
Balls1730,Dec,13 19:27
Hung skype fun 330,Dec,13 18:31
Ban franklin0071230,Dec,13 18:03
Anyone had sex with a dead body?4230,Dec,13 16:58
Indian dicks930,Dec,13 13:36
HEY,WHERE ARE YOU?130,Dec,13 13:06
dicks contest ! all boys is welcome :D5230,Dec,13 11:40
Girl's Feet Pics230,Dec,13 07:17
Spunking Into Food730,Dec,13 05:58
Testicle pain330,Dec,13 00:28
I have recently had my pecker smacked...1629,Dec,13 23:56
The best tits on this site2029,Dec,13 23:51
HAPPY HOLIDAYS, FAIRY!1729,Dec,13 20:02
Wishing EVERYONE a safe and Happy New Year.....329,Dec,13 10:23
Ban that guy who said that thing that, like, hurt my feelings!629,Dec,13 01:35
The fear of WHITE people6528,Dec,13 22:54
Guys Feet528,Dec,13 18:33
Please post urs cock bulge here...728,Dec,13 12:45
BOXERS - for young guys828,Dec,13 11:45
looking for a suck and fuck buddy428,Dec,13 11:27
Sticking your finger up her ass as you fuck827,Dec,13 22:24
watching guys masturbate527,Dec,13 19:30
great dicks!1427,Dec,13 15:45
Comments...?227,Dec,13 10:59
Public display427,Dec,13 09:21
I Have a confesion to make426,Dec,13 22:18
Balls526,Dec,13 21:37
Christmas Cock Pics726,Dec,13 20:07
How often do you jack off6726,Dec,13 19:36
cum shot pics1226,Dec,13 19:34
Show your cum in condoms626,Dec,13 16:54
Wife's big Ass!1326,Dec,13 14:12
Anyone like to chat??226,Dec,13 12:28
has anyone ever done it with a tradesman or door to door salesperson326,Dec,13 12:23
PM Jack Off Together Anyone???226,Dec,13 12:17
Christmas Dick Pics1326,Dec,13 12:13
Mastrubation benifits326,Dec,13 11:23
let me fuck your gf? ;)226,Dec,13 10:57
Your favorite porn sites?1026,Dec,13 09:34
would love some opinions on my picks did i go to far showing my face since am so small please comment here is example1326,Dec,13 04:53
Who is bi curious and wants to PM.326,Dec,13 04:34
uncut big dicks lover326,Dec,13 02:07
CUM WITH FEAR..its M.a.g.i.c225,Dec,13 22:06
Best friend sucking125,Dec,13 19:52
Thicker or longer325,Dec,13 19:16
Christmas greetings.925,Dec,13 12:53
I want to suck cock425,Dec,13 02:37
having hard time getting hard need help n insperation125,Dec,13 02:26
ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: sosick69125,Dec,13 02:23
numbers instead of a name524,Dec,13 21:36
No sex makes zuff go ccrraaazzzzyyy424,Dec,13 17:42
Without stroking the cock1224,Dec,13 07:46
are you comfortable naked around other people1324,Dec,13 06:29
doin it with family423,Dec,13 23:53
Steffi Answers Her "Reporter"723,Dec,13 17:05
Suit Game1023,Dec,13 11:45
would u fuck or suck me323,Dec,13 10:37
Anybody got a good joke!723,Dec,13 06:14
foreskin or no foreskin522,Dec,13 10:41
dick size822,Dec,13 01:23
Fuck buddies421,Dec,13 23:22
So, how do i approach my GF with.....421,Dec,13 22:23
Steffi221,Dec,13 22:09
Hello to All321,Dec,13 21:52
best boners821,Dec,13 18:26
SYD Christmas1121,Dec,13 17:30
Rate my penis 321,Dec,13 16:36
Pet names for your cock1921,Dec,13 16:32
please comment on my tiny cock it smallest u seen621,Dec,13 12:59
Advice for guys with lack of foreskin? Is Sex Painful???4821,Dec,13 11:51
Strange reality of average head / big dick guys321,Dec,13 11:24
how many women out there dream of taking on more than 2 men?221,Dec,13 11:10
Favorite pornstars?1621,Dec,13 11:07
tips and tricks to help me squirt!!321,Dec,13 11:06
Difference in perception of male and female bi/homosexuality321,Dec,13 11:00
I Like my penis1321,Dec,13 08:23
What's yours521,Dec,13 08:23
Very skinny, white, and hairless521,Dec,13 00:20
How to make friends on SYD: Tip #31520,Dec,13 13:53
Many Happy Returns920,Dec,13 02:34
Trans-Siberian Orchestra220,Dec,13 01:46
Addicted To BIG Boobs420,Dec,13 00:17
my first cock pics,319,Dec,13 23:41
Odd thing between Miss Evil-Fairy and I! HELP!!7019,Dec,13 17:22
do u like my bulge319,Dec,13 16:59
showitoff.org619,Dec,13 16:36
Sexting on Kik619,Dec,13 03:44
Does it seem like the weekends seem to bring out the weirdos in the forum?419,Dec,13 01:01
women who suck their own nipples1918,Dec,13 18:43
Downloading videos from SYD on a mobile device?1418,Dec,13 05:47
steam room at gym1217,Dec,13 23:33
Curved dicks2817,Dec,13 19:15
Tell me what you guys think of my dick. be 100% honest7917,Dec,13 17:12
Merry Christmas and goodbye from conniexd717,Dec,13 16:48
My cock. What do you all think of it?517,Dec,13 15:30
Uncut2617,Dec,13 14:41
What is a "big dick"?617,Dec,13 10:02
please rate my pussy :)1116,Dec,13 23:02
ATTN: Should I Get A VCH Piercing?716,Dec,13 20:34
a query! anyone help me!416,Dec,13 17:18
Girls give us your opinion116,Dec,13 11:52
Can you guess how big this cocks are??216,Dec,13 07:26
just would like some oopinions on some pics very self conscious about size ... i will kindly return favor3416,Dec,13 02:14
Veiny uncut cocks316,Dec,13 02:14
I had ANOTHER dream...116,Dec,13 00:22
do i look better soft or hard ?please comment n feel free to post yours n i'll comment915,Dec,13 23:55
ampallang?1215,Dec,13 18:28
soft or hard which is hotter .feel free to havepost yours1815,Dec,13 16:12
It is snowing here now,does that excite you?1415,Dec,13 13:26
Shaved cock or not915,Dec,13 10:12
What do you think of my clit? seriously!2315,Dec,13 08:58
what do you say about indian cock815,Dec,13 08:54
COCK RINGS AND PENIS615,Dec,13 03:18
Where can I find real cougars?614,Dec,13 20:00
Who has a big collection of "Favorites"?1214,Dec,13 16:40
Can you shove your own dick up your arse1314,Dec,13 12:36
Jungle Fever514,Dec,13 04:44
Gay guys in the south?814,Dec,13 03:47
Foreskin Restoration413,Dec,13 23:40
Who wants a smaller dick?1313,Dec,13 22:52
PULP FICTION2513,Dec,13 21:29
My Christmas wish list613,Dec,13 08:43
Where to Cam?413,Dec,13 06:35
Wood u sucky cock an eat my cum 4 the time1013,Dec,13 03:20
i have a buttplug in my ass513,Dec,13 00:32
Self rimming/ lick your own ass712,Dec,13 23:11
Bi guys, Im just wondering........212,Dec,13 14:56
Any Females in Florida612,Dec,13 09:55
Check out my girls pussy and tell me what you think412,Dec,13 07:43
How do you get action in public toilets?312,Dec,13 03:05
Who wants my spotted Dick in their mouth?612,Dec,13 00:53
What does a friend on SYD mean to you411,Dec,13 23:33
New Yorkers!!!711,Dec,13 19:49
I'm losing my virginity to a cougar2411,Dec,13 19:15
I desperately need to be pleasured by another person and their hand!!!311,Dec,13 19:06
How you found this site?1511,Dec,13 17:51
fat man small dick suck or not211,Dec,13 15:27
Help getting my Dr. to jerk me off.1511,Dec,13 12:06
men with beard = small dick?3110,Dec,13 20:00
Are you into ORAL SEX?4110,Dec,13 09:48
What do you think of me soft?210,Dec,13 08:43
Support other members909,Dec,13 18:16
jock strap for support309,Dec,13 09:41
Does your poo reflect your health?1208,Dec,13 20:38
Is my bald cock little?208,Dec,13 15:45
need some cock408,Dec,13 15:34
New members with no comments808,Dec,13 15:33
group sex in woods.....hehehe....1608,Dec,13 15:32
What makes a good dick?2808,Dec,13 15:27
SHit assed Women1008,Dec,13 15:26
Can't get too personal on SYD508,Dec,13 15:26
Do balls turn you on?2808,Dec,13 15:25
Transgender.208,Dec,13 15:21
Aliens sex1308,Dec,13 15:20
sexual stories-fiction or non-fiction208,Dec,13 15:19
Best wank on camera sites108,Dec,13 15:08
What camera do you use?808,Dec,13 15:02
Best for sucking: small, medium, or large?208,Dec,13 14:46
first time..708,Dec,13 14:45
Suche Schwänze zum Lutschen!308,Dec,13 14:32
First Time1108,Dec,13 00:32
do you like white, brown, or black dicks?2208,Dec,13 00:29
upward or u curved cocks2407,Dec,13 06:07
need some hot cocks in san antonio tx207,Dec,13 05:06
Humiliate me please !!206,Dec,13 12:47
just shaved ...good or bad idea....very self conscious about my tiny dick!!!!! was this a good idea....please give me honest op906,Dec,13 12:01
Anyone near Georgia?206,Dec,13 03:10
Georgia106,Dec,13 03:07
here some of my favorite pics feel free to comment n share your own pics ...206,Dec,13 01:38
new here .....please vote on my cock it's small but i think holds it's n would love comments both hard n soft805,Dec,13 22:34
guess size of my dick ...feel free to post yours905,Dec,13 22:20
Getting deleted as friend1305,Dec,13 16:49
Does my dick look better shaved or Hairy605,Dec,13 15:45
(GUYS ONLY) Hairy, Trimmed or Shaved???3405,Dec,13 13:51
Ever had a seemingly normal conversation with someone, and then boom out of no where they want to lick your armpit?305,Dec,13 13:21
Do gays fantasise about cunts405,Dec,13 11:12
Why is this site declining?505,Dec,13 01:37
What's your ideal size cock ??1405,Dec,13 01:30
Would you suck my cock?204,Dec,13 14:23
cut heads2904,Dec,13 07:56
Sniffing wife,s girl friends thongs204,Dec,13 07:36
Indian Uncut Dick2703,Dec,13 18:24
Who gets erection in morning?1403,Dec,13 17:44
Virgin703,Dec,13 17:25
Is it normal503,Dec,13 16:16
Why is it so hard to hook up on here303,Dec,13 13:52
Jerk Buddy Dallas TX?203,Dec,13 01:55
Need sex tips!!1103,Dec,13 01:16
Boner502,Dec,13 21:37
site dying.702,Dec,13 20:32
Maroc Boys Have The Biggest Cocks!302,Dec,13 20:31
a guy sucking a guy2302,Dec,13 18:53
Gta V Sissy Slut !802,Dec,13 18:39
Would you suck my dick32802,Dec,13 18:05
wanking question701,Dec,13 23:06
Do you like electro cock stimulation601,Dec,13 22:19
public restroom peeking1901,Dec,13 17:10
Our girlfriends601,Dec,13 17:00
Would you show your dick on SYD if...601,Dec,13 16:38
would you suck my cock?401,Dec,13 16:12
Cum4steffi! Who would not fuck her?1001,Dec,13 15:35
Escorts201,Dec,13 14:42
Desi Cock (Indian)401,Dec,13 13:46
indian foreskin401,Dec,13 13:42
How long is long enough when having sex?1201,Dec,13 12:55
With or without foreskin?2801,Dec,13 11:07
NSA Spied On Porn Habits201,Dec,13 11:04
daily masturbation601,Dec,13 03:50
favorite members on the site?!101,Dec,13 03:24
Sisters friend701,Dec,13 02:27
Who wants to meet up and suck each other?430,Nov,13 19:08
Inland Empire, Ca130,Nov,13 13:20
Nice mushroom heads1030,Nov,13 06:21
Downward curved dick230,Nov,13 01:07
Flexible Erection is it normal?229,Nov,13 23:40
Stop calling it a "Man Pussy"!2529,Nov,13 23:37
Piss hole pics1129,Nov,13 20:22
Times you can cum per day?2229,Nov,13 19:42
Swallowing of ones cum729,Nov,13 16:03
Cock in car photos2829,Nov,13 14:14
Penis size vs IQ size1329,Nov,13 04:14
Sucking Cum Out -- Shooting In The Mouth428,Nov,13 16:41
Happy Thanksgiving!328,Nov,13 09:36
Shrink Penis527,Nov,13 20:00
I will post anything you want727,Nov,13 14:50
chicks who smoke sluttier than chicks that dont627,Nov,13 14:27
Snapchat427,Nov,13 09:20
Does wife know that your BI1027,Nov,13 05:23
Everyone check out my cock!326,Nov,13 22:11
Who is the sexiest female on this site?11626,Nov,13 06:46
is there any female members who like my body?625,Nov,13 18:12
Skype cam to cam now ?!?125,Nov,13 18:00
All bros jack off together - Real or myth825,Nov,13 04:49
Thanks.. Bye..324,Nov,13 21:50
ever sucked cock in a public restroom624,Nov,13 12:39
My boy and I are looking for a hot 3sum in Vegas1224,Nov,13 12:34
Help/ directions pic upload here?224,Nov,13 11:43
POLL: would you could you take my thick cock?? ;)424,Nov,13 00:14
Does your wife sticks dildo in your butt when she give you bjs?1423,Nov,13 21:37
When I piss in public, I always wish some'll come grab my cock and finish me...223,Nov,13 18:23
Is there a difference between a big (fat) woman and a slender (skinny) woman1723,Nov,13 13:41
small cocks223,Nov,13 12:20
Lovely pa223,Nov,13 08:59
tips for eating pussy1023,Nov,13 01:17
Sick fucktards that have pics of ki/ds in the background of their pics.623,Nov,13 00:04
B o y robbed in the middle of the day...1222,Nov,13 23:53
do you mind if wife cheats?722,Nov,13 18:47
10 tips for seducing a Woman SYD style.3022,Nov,13 13:25
Vampire cunt?1922,Nov,13 13:15
prostate massage622,Nov,13 13:10
Y is it so hard to find a cock to suck?2522,Nov,13 11:13
Fuck Buddies522,Nov,13 11:05
Who live in china?221,Nov,13 18:17
Xtube221,Nov,13 07:28
my gspot521,Nov,13 05:16
Showing Prince Alberts in public places (gym, lockerrooms...)221,Nov,13 01:52
Sex Bucket List1520,Nov,13 23:53
Does watching another man come get you going?1720,Nov,13 19:49
Mutual wanking320,Nov,13 10:44
Come and watch me masturbate like a slut!520,Nov,13 03:21
New pictures of Katie & I!219,Nov,13 01:17
asian dick718,Nov,13 20:56
first time cum in mouth918,Nov,13 16:47
I love pics of Big bulge in pants with cock slightly showing:) 1718,Nov,13 12:47
NIGHTFALL318,Nov,13 10:12
Dobson and Ross site has forskin info vid up418,Nov,13 10:06
How did you first find this site.418,Nov,13 01:55
Advice needed417,Nov,13 14:25
Motherinlaw2417,Nov,13 13:53
Butt hurt mondays aka who pissed in your wheeties you knob jockey?4417,Nov,13 13:37
What do you say when...617,Nov,13 12:35
would you suck my cock?!?717,Nov,13 08:32
pierced cocks816,Nov,13 19:09
Taking a break...316,Nov,13 17:16
Exchange numbers and exchange pics/videos!416,Nov,13 05:06
comment on my dick216,Nov,13 03:37
Do you like to suck or being sucked1516,Nov,13 02:23
Big Dick/Little Dick515,Nov,13 21:04
coments please315,Nov,13 20:53
pee hole size2515,Nov,13 20:12
Get this...415,Nov,13 10:37
Sex on first date is the norm in modern world2315,Nov,13 09:58
'Nectar of the Gods' and other names for lady jizz715,Nov,13 07:46
Where do YOU live???115,Nov,13 06:49
Straight guys who like being sucked1314,Nov,13 21:32
Any in south california (I.E)?!114,Nov,13 20:13
Really new to this !!!714,Nov,13 20:10
Golden Showers814,Nov,13 11:02
Worst sex. Things to avoid2414,Nov,13 10:44
Having bi thoughts lately214,Nov,13 07:27
Shaving pits414,Nov,13 05:59
Saying bye to GoodGuy12614,Nov,13 05:25
Seducing my Gay Boss313,Nov,13 18:07
How DO you actually meet people?513,Nov,13 11:02
first time, fuckin a cuckolds wife413,Nov,13 09:41
SE Colorado Masturbation Group313,Nov,13 08:03
Does cum stay on your breath?1413,Nov,13 07:41
Q-tip Measuring?1113,Nov,13 00:33
Look alike dicks??112,Nov,13 22:19
Guys have handjob buddies--Girls have...?312,Nov,13 19:57
nude body112,Nov,13 16:58
Bi Women commenting on pictures1512,Nov,13 14:41
What do you think about my hypo cock?1112,Nov,13 12:49
c2c with daddy with hot cock112,Nov,13 11:56
How to put makeup on my cock?212,Nov,13 10:19
People you know in real life612,Nov,13 07:46
A Career in a movie theater you ask???512,Nov,13 05:02
What does everyone think about pierced dicks?911,Nov,13 15:31
"Members" voting against pics.1911,Nov,13 05:50
Looking for new people to talk to!210,Nov,13 22:47
Size range family710,Nov,13 12:18
Natural, Hairy, Trimmed or Shaved1010,Nov,13 06:53
Private uploads disappeared610,Nov,13 05:47
gay straight bi610,Nov,13 01:36
What are things people do that creep you out?1309,Nov,13 23:22
cuckolds1509,Nov,13 20:30
HYPERSENSITIVE cock head209,Nov,13 16:51
Pierced pussys809,Nov,13 14:50
Just a thought...209,Nov,13 12:43
cock comparison pics?209,Nov,13 12:14
lookin to be someones skype slut.509,Nov,13 05:39
Anyone hooked up with a celebrity?1008,Nov,13 22:39
My Cousin-in-Law wants to move in...1808,Nov,13 21:38
I had a dream...708,Nov,13 10:14
Why do I love playing with my pussy so much?2508,Nov,13 09:30
jerking off material2008,Nov,13 09:02
Rate my dick708,Nov,13 05:19
Don't love ass-fucking, but love that bulge408,Nov,13 01:37
What do you think about the size of my dick?607,Nov,13 18:16
What do you prefer: hairy ass of Cure or smooth ass of Nicetry. Tell us!2907,Nov,13 14:05
i like this site but where are the ladys i get more men then lady's why i think its nasty please tell me wtf but hay comment pl1307,Nov,13 11:40
been sitting here thinking about a mouthful of cock607,Nov,13 04:37
are guys better at sucking cock and women beter at giving oral to women306,Nov,13 22:25
kik names send me names706,Nov,13 22:04
Hopelessly adickdid.....406,Nov,13 10:42
VOYEURISM2506,Nov,13 09:29
ladies orgasm 1306,Nov,13 02:12
Cock rings - what kind, how much, where get, etc1806,Nov,13 00:16
My Friends Growing Boobs905,Nov,13 23:55
photo shop705,Nov,13 08:11
Negative comments.1505,Nov,13 07:53
Best places to find what you want sexually805,Nov,13 06:51
Cum on me!204,Nov,13 17:40
should i choke my chicken?704,Nov,13 13:18
Pop ups and site redircts804,Nov,13 11:36
pee while in shower204,Nov,13 11:34
My most viewed pic1804,Nov,13 06:43
Asian Uncut Cock Gallery404,Nov,13 06:41
best captain morgan pose i have a small dick but i try my best rate me n post yours203,Nov,13 23:03
Why is membership dropping1703,Nov,13 22:31
What is the proper way to measure?803,Nov,13 18:49
Oxballs cocksling503,Nov,13 16:07
Who the fuck cares1303,Nov,13 14:44
Answers to forum questions803,Nov,13 13:43
to shave or not to shave 4903,Nov,13 09:53
Group for men that suffer under erection problems503,Nov,13 04:21
How many names are there for cock?1002,Nov,13 22:58
my girls tits202,Nov,13 22:57
GROUP HUG!!!!902,Nov,13 21:54
cockrings1802,Nov,13 11:32
fucking a woman on her period602,Nov,13 03:41
A wish...201,Nov,13 19:51
pussy2201,Nov,13 07:39
Thoughts about nicknames.531,Oct,13 23:05
For those who shave their pubic hair1831,Oct,13 22:10
Who wants to suck weiners with me?231,Oct,13 20:30
We seem to be getting more abusive on some form posts.431,Oct,13 11:27
Young Skype?230,Oct,13 01:22
slang names for penis529,Oct,13 20:32
Best gay cumshot compilations?? Ideas?229,Oct,13 18:44
Want cock229,Oct,13 17:00
circumcision?2929,Oct,13 11:31
What part of you do you prefer shaved,if any1028,Oct,13 16:06
Unexplained profile (and data) deletion on May 28 2012428,Oct,13 10:06
Names for vagina?4028,Oct,13 09:31
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Don't get me wrong, I'm totally 100% gay, but I just can't stop eating pussy3027,Oct,13 21:00
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Naked in the Navy (2)1026,Oct,13 13:55
Do you prefer to be naked or nude426,Oct,13 13:19
Viagra and ED problems226,Oct,13 09:36
Naked in the Navy425,Oct,13 18:36
Unshaved lowhangers,and pubes 1225,Oct,13 11:03
The Ugly Penis.1925,Oct,13 00:33
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Sex dolls - photos1023,Oct,13 05:31
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How Do i post a picture in the avatar? Any big dicks want to jerk off together?222,Oct,13 21:51
Sex and marriage or partnership222,Oct,13 07:34
anybody turned on by circumcision?1821,Oct,13 21:00
scars on your dick?521,Oct,13 18:54

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