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Should their be a seperate "domination king" and a "syd king"2414,Jun,12 05:43
big dick 214,Jun,12 05:09
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jumpramp213,Jun,12 07:30
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oral anal or intercourse the best is............312,Jun,12 18:47
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Small Cock sex experience511,Jun,12 22:07
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people making comments not registered208,Jun,12 14:56
Anyone like my dick/body?308,Jun,12 14:13
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se habla espaсol808,Jun,12 00:35
new here, hi everyone507,Jun,12 20:14
BISEXUELS(ELLES) а TOULOUSE ???207,Jun,12 15:32
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Porn jobs506,Jun,12 23:05
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Ass to mouth1806,Jun,12 02:30
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Big Cocks!1105,Jun,12 01:38
Now one Question from H School Physics?3705,Jun,12 01:18
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is my cock suckable?204,Jun,12 21:38
Cock Slapped304,Jun,12 19:11
Mastrebution704,Jun,12 18:58
to stop premature ejaculation504,Jun,12 18:52
jacking off204,Jun,12 18:15
Deep Penetration204,Jun,12 17:50
Private Messages 204,Jun,12 13:20
Who thinks the "king" should b voted in by registered members204,Jun,12 12:22
Sucking - men vs. women704,Jun,12 09:50
Is it normal to have lot of pre cum1204,Jun,12 09:01
PM issue904,Jun,12 07:01
Penis message603,Jun,12 18:46
best way to store cum for a later use203,Jun,12 17:43
discuss my dick 403,Jun,12 17:17
HUGE CUM SHOTS!!1303,Jun,12 17:04
PICS203,Jun,12 16:27
Guys WHat size do u prefer?1603,Jun,12 13:12
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Meeting Up For Sex803,Jun,12 08:34
fill my ass up with your cum 403,Jun,12 04:21
Anyone with American Eagle Underwear on here?203,Jun,12 03:28
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why are some pics on the main page not hot?302,Jun,12 15:36
sucking cock...502,Jun,12 04:27
frottage101,Jun,12 19:02
What is your opinion?201,Jun,12 17:07
Sometimes when I'm alone...401,Jun,12 15:29
Any one feel Generous?201,Jun,12 13:52
new member plz rate me i will rate back301,Jun,12 12:06
Who's bigger soft than I am hard?1201,Jun,12 09:11
The laughing smiley801,Jun,12 06:11
WHO LIKE'S TO CUM ON MY HOT PICS ???301,Jun,12 05:41
Tera Patrick1101,Jun,12 00:13
100 percent erections231,May,12 22:16
Is mine a long one, a thick one or an average one?331,May,12 15:53
how to make ur cum thicker331,May,12 14:04
My BBC431,May,12 10:11
Foot fetish531,May,12 09:16
Jerk Off Buddies from UK , London331,May,12 00:01
Cut or uncut cock330,May,12 20:55
Comment/Rate what you think ;)230,May,12 19:30
encounters m2m130,May,12 15:51
Facial or Swallow930,May,12 14:07
Any tip to make your ass sexier430,May,12 13:20
Text me or email me230,May,12 09:42
Anyone else had this happen?330,May,12 07:24
Lubrication1129,May,12 23:11
Use spunk as a lube729,May,12 23:08
Somebody meet me in London so i can get verified.229,May,12 19:48
fuck pleasure429,May,12 17:52
Penis Envy629,May,12 16:12
my ex said im small, will you all rate me?529,May,12 12:28
virginbi12229,May,12 05:06
Sex story229,May,12 01:13
Anyone in Dallas, Texas128,May,12 23:05
glory holes1528,May,12 19:58
2.5kg hanging from my pierced knob128,May,12 19:36
Anyone else have one of these electrosex harnesses?128,May,12 16:27
skype c2c328,May,12 07:21
penis pumps328,May,12 03:35
Anyone in socal127,May,12 21:55
Who Sleeps Naked3527,May,12 21:34
Birthday Celebrations!527,May,12 16:17
Cocks are great but what about a nice ass?2127,May,12 16:17
It's my birthday 327,May,12 02:19
bukkake in Michigan.227,May,12 00:23
Underwear and swimwear party126,May,12 08:35
BIG DECISION226,May,12 07:37
= Can You Suck Your Own Cock ... Or Ever Tried To ? =1226,May,12 06:19
i get off when im being watched by hubby326,May,12 04:14
Be my friend226,May,12 03:57
Bent dicks. Curved dicks. Straight dicks. Which is best???326,May,12 02:48
Vote for iceland in eurovision night226,May,12 02:40
How is my dick826,May,12 02:23
The biggest jokes on this site825,May,12 23:45
my boyfriend's cock on webcam :)225,May,12 22:39
Missing Member 4843 ????525,May,12 19:30
want to jerk off on cam225,May,12 17:42
Help Please225,May,12 14:15
Blue avatar225,May,12 14:13
Opinions225,May,12 13:58
my cock in gf's,May,12 12:34
Need to be used225,May,12 11:59
penis humiliation225,May,12 00:07
Bi Curious - A Little Shocked924,May,12 21:42
Hottest Forbidden Sex524,May,12 20:27
experience with p-spott vibrator?624,May,12 20:06
greece cock suckers724,May,12 17:30
priblems need help224,May,12 16:34
Do people really hook up on this site?324,May,12 05:06
what its the smile face in the to left of pic mean324,May,12 04:14
Hay alguien aquн hablan Inglйs y Espaсol?224,May,12 00:28
plz rate me 623,May,12 23:40
Who Would Suck My Cock or Lick My Girl?823,May,12 21:01
FORESKIN1423,May,12 20:19
Flaccid cocks2923,May,12 16:12
Were can one find Nude Beach?123,May,12 15:33
helmet head323,May,12 11:28
Soft pics - Who has best?17823,May,12 06:46
show your tits323,May,12 03:15
What do you prefer? Tight or low hanging balls? 1422,May,12 19:54
Need ideas422,May,12 13:31
I want webcam but nobody seems keen, well girls anyway322,May,12 11:53
does anyone pull back their foreskin when they pee?621,May,12 21:58
who has sexiest body !!!3121,May,12 10:31
i'll rate your cock and balls/ pussy and tits!121,May,12 06:51
I cheated on my partner today 821,May,12 06:39
Internet Rage Bans221,May,12 06:27
married guys sex poll1120,May,12 22:51
Meatwad320,May,12 22:36
quick poll !1220,May,12 16:08
Am i too Smooth?720,May,12 15:41
what do u think of my cock120,May,12 14:02
Rate my dick be honest220,May,12 08:53
Hard on?520,May,12 05:30
What sort of underwear do you go for?1320,May,12 05:22
Downtime1820,May,12 05:20
Please rate me or slate me220,May,12 00:45
Viagra 319,May,12 21:36
Freedom of speech (or so they say)1019,May,12 21:17
Jacking for points1119,May,12 21:00
Best pair of tits contest2819,May,12 16:47
What would you do to my girlfriend?319,May,12 15:32
Show your loads~~~!!!!!1319,May,12 10:10
Points deducted to 0! Why?319,May,12 03:11
THE WINNER IS.....219,May,12 00:54
Suck my dick while I fuck that ass318,May,12 19:28
Cum for me in Pretty Red Panties?518,May,12 18:06
Funny Porno star names.918,May,12 15:31
At what age did you first have sex.718,May,12 14:55
Any other sites like this???318,May,12 13:26
More points!!217,May,12 05:37
do you find me attractive?317,May,12 02:59
mjoin me and my wife in bed217,May,12 02:33
Cum On My Pic!!! Please?!116,May,12 16:52
I don't love your penis x 5 = Ban2516,May,12 16:02
stretched flaccid length vs hardon lenght316,May,12 14:11
New show me1816,May,12 13:45
MetalHead316,May,12 10:13
Other terms for cock or dick?815,May,12 23:06
LF - Someone who will show ass on cam215,May,12 23:00
Would love nasty comments215,May,12 17:38
Check out my exotic pictures of my aunt215,May,12 17:34
its called show your dick215,May,12 17:00
do I have a Little boys Dick?615,May,12 13:57
HEY ADMIN..........1315,May,12 13:34
Miss those Braless Days?315,May,12 02:15
hey admin, how abour a catigory dedicated to womens feet?314,May,12 20:13
10 + inches 214,May,12 19:23
is my cock big 213,May,12 23:20
Guess How long is my cock?313,May,12 21:56
How Big?313,May,12 20:05
hey guys. I changed my profile pic, but it won't show the new pic...313,May,12 19:36
Is the glass half full or half empty?213,May,12 17:17
Unique513,May,12 12:05
Do you like to cum?1513,May,12 12:04
Post your pic and I will rate it!513,May,12 04:15
hegre art213,May,12 02:44
Why don't straight men mind double penetrations and double blowjobs!?412,May,12 23:00
cock212,May,12 20:50
looking for my first dick to suck212,May,12 20:48
post a pic for yur cock and ass and lets others choose and enjoy512,May,12 17:35
phonesex112,May,12 17:14
Would any suck me?412,May,12 16:06
Cock Art - Comments welcome on this work, please. TY.212,May,12 13:08
IS THAT THICK?1712,May,12 13:02
What is your favourite sex toy? 1212,May,12 12:39
girls sucking cock312,May,12 12:26
Hey girls do you like my cock?212,May,12 12:22
Caught in a zipper512,May,12 10:16
mesh undies212,May,12 01:44
What do you think of the whole package?311,May,12 19:02
Where in Montana?111,May,12 14:27
First timer211,May,12 08:30
Ass and penis masterbation711,May,12 05:06
The Best Sex You Ever Had!310,May,12 21:11
dildos410,May,12 20:54
Any1 watch my Cumshots in slow motion110,May,12 19:33
4inch?510,May,12 19:08
Verfication 910,May,12 15:33
shaved or not which is better??710,May,12 15:23
shaved rear210,May,12 14:32
25, hott and horny, needs to be verifed210,May,12 14:26
mechanics210,May,12 14:22
Turn on's510,May,12 14:19
How Deep is your Rectum?210,May,12 14:11
turn-ons510,May,12 14:06
Clear Photos Of - Sneakers - Cock Peeking Out Of Underwear OR clothing - Buldges OR PISS!!! Or Nice Opened Tight Ass!410,May,12 13:53
cum on your face810,May,12 10:58
Be honest210,May,12 04:07
main page help409,May,12 19:44
Sexy Pube trims1509,May,12 19:24
Revealed2109,May,12 18:51
Purchase?409,May,12 18:51
HELP??? WHY ME??1309,May,12 17:42
cruzin209,May,12 16:14
What do you think of my 18yo cock?409,May,12 15:33
BALLS!1209,May,12 08:51
Does it make me lesbian if...1209,May,12 00:30
Can i get your opinion?308,May,12 23:04
what would you do to me if I was with you 208,May,12 18:46
how do I suck off my friend708,May,12 17:27
hedonism,hedonistic208,May,12 17:03
bisexual men908,May,12 16:59
would u fuck me108,May,12 09:30
peep shows808,May,12 07:18
Anyone else out there who loves smoking during sex?507,May,12 22:42
What brings you here??907,May,12 22:17
submissive Guys607,May,12 20:48
Show or Grow?2007,May,12 19:00
Prictures.....407,May,12 17:05
Tranny sizes..207,May,12 17:02
I need you opinion. 507,May,12 15:41
i realy need someone to suck my cock right now!!!807,May,12 04:52
cock compere picture1707,May,12 02:52
best way to lose you cock sucking virginity207,May,12 02:21
Do you like my 18yr old cock?306,May,12 20:10
Is Sex A Bonus Or Everything406,May,12 15:41
First time anal?1606,May,12 14:30
Cut or uncut??? 906,May,12 01:30
Virgin arse!! Who wants it???205,May,12 17:55
Notice for premium members405,May,12 16:37
skype205,May,12 15:11
hotmail cam205,May,12 12:39
Vote for my pic of the month! It's free!205,May,12 10:29
Check out my teen cock rate and feedback205,May,12 08:02
Bathmate Penis pump305,May,12 01:45
my smooth ass 105,May,12 00:40
What do you prefer?304,May,12 15:26
If you are flirting with someone304,May,12 13:08
Is My Cock Average, Large, or Small?204,May,12 08:40
Don't want to be mean, but i'm scarred.404,May,12 07:32
Shower204,May,12 06:50
DOES MAN LIKE GAY?303,May,12 22:43
Erect Agnles403,May,12 22:20
Are you small-hung and shaved?1503,May,12 21:11
exes huge cock703,May,12 18:43
appeal to permanent member803,May,12 15:27
Any hot young-ish/skinny girls wana trade pics?303,May,12 13:35
Another one for the Girls - Ass Sucked203,May,12 13:29
Trying to post to 'Show Your Cunt' Discussion!!203,May,12 07:07
Close or Back at a Urinal503,May,12 06:09
RATE HONESTLY!!!!!503,May,12 05:26
skype402,May,12 21:34
people in kentucky202,May,12 14:15
Looking for men who prefer to wank with forskin over their head302,May,12 01:25
floridian dick's?601,May,12 23:37
videos401,May,12 19:07
Mustache rides.....301,May,12 07:31
still looking for honest comments301,May,12 03:22
does cock exercise work501,May,12 02:14
is my cock nice? 301,May,12 00:28
is my cock that bad 701,May,12 00:11
texters630,Apr,12 23:27
Girls, what do you think about my cock?530,Apr,12 22:20
love the young girl and boys!!!!230,Apr,12 21:48
faithful or not630,Apr,12 20:02
4chan430,Apr,12 17:44
BBW's1630,Apr,12 15:22
Boxers230,Apr,12 05:44
take a look at my pictures 230,Apr,12 00:54
Take a look329,Apr,12 22:08
For the MILFS and COUGARS 729,Apr,12 15:04
I love this site. You too?529,Apr,12 06:43
Have you ever?529,Apr,12 06:32
RATING......1829,Apr,12 06:25
COLORADO!!129,Apr,12 05:52
my cock129,Apr,12 04:11
Videos of you stripping229,Apr,12 04:07
would you like to have my dick instead of your own one?729,Apr,12 03:53
your parents?329,Apr,12 02:05
uk paper428,Apr,12 21:10
7.5 inches or bigger Where are you at 1328,Apr,12 19:43
what is the best position to fuck a girl in?1228,Apr,12 17:47
So much Cum in my Videos228,Apr,12 12:35
girls like when guys eat there own cum? 328,Apr,12 10:08
You like it small and hary...228,Apr,12 09:59
Opinions/Thoughts?327,Apr,12 16:10
uploadin phone photos327,Apr,12 16:09
Thick or Big Cock?427,Apr,12 12:07
are you under 25?1327,Apr,12 01:52
DYEL226,Apr,12 21:32
Boobs or Ass?826,Apr,12 13:56
castration1526,Apr,12 13:35
Cam2Cam226,Apr,12 13:01
How to up load from IPhone 4s226,Apr,12 12:39
THANK YOU!726,Apr,12 08:01
Ladies, Anal Sex326,Apr,12 03:51
teen women526,Apr,12 00:03
Vote for me225,Apr,12 14:54
YES OR NO325,Apr,12 13:53
ONLY WOMENS PICS.........???425,Apr,12 02:04
new pics224,Apr,12 20:55
any good "self blow" images? 324,Apr,12 19:53
Social Media for the Penis?724,Apr,12 13:31
Foreskin biting924,Apr,12 01:45
its 420223,Apr,12 21:19
C2C fun123,Apr,12 20:36
Boxers N Cocks........223,Apr,12 20:03
bisexual men123,Apr,12 19:49
male enhancement123,Apr,12 18:39
My cock :) 223,Apr,12 14:12
Who would want to fuck me?223,Apr,12 13:44
I'm just curious, but tell me...323,Apr,12 12:57
In Melbourne Friday 20th April323,Apr,12 11:35
Wankin on cam323,Apr,12 07:56
saline injection????????323,Apr,12 06:10
Hitachi Magic Wand Massager3123,Apr,12 02:40
two cocks on one photo923,Apr,12 02:17
Power vs Smooth fuck. Boys vs Girls523,Apr,12 02:08
How old were you..?722,Apr,12 20:53
Bathing TIme622,Apr,12 18:47
who likes sex outdoors622,Apr,12 17:48
Group Dirty cock (Smegma)1222,Apr,12 04:17
8inch the new average2622,Apr,12 03:44
The unofficial, official licking thread!1021,Apr,12 21:53
Feedback on my cock?321,Apr,12 20:44
Rate my Dick221,Apr,12 16:16
What Girls Really Want?1921,Apr,12 11:28
Me!!121,Apr,12 09:20
xd sissies221,Apr,12 07:56
how to not be obvious when looking at a guys cock at a urinal221,Apr,12 07:35
Creative Writings821,Apr,12 07:11
fish stick and tater tots1021,Apr,12 01:05
Which Picture is Your Favorite?620,Apr,12 20:14
Which would you prefer right now?1320,Apr,12 18:55
Do u like my lingerie? Love comments;)1620,Apr,12 16:06
Do you like my baby dick?520,Apr,12 04:58
Sex Inspiration720,Apr,12 04:14
whos got the smallest dick and who likes em.420,Apr,12 03:56
chicago919,Apr,12 23:09
Cumshot Videos 119,Apr,12 21:35
Visiting a glory hole619,Apr,12 20:39
Anal - guy vs girl318,Apr,12 23:56
question mainly for the gay guys318,Apr,12 20:57
Would you fuck me?318,Apr,12 20:18
rate my cock please218,Apr,12 16:05
Any Real Sex Guru there618,Apr,12 15:48
Why Are You Here718,Apr,12 14:16
Young N Cut.........218,Apr,12 14:12
How are you s'posed to fit it all into tidy-whities?218,Apr,12 14:09
A safe, location thread918,Apr,12 14:09
all aboard818,Apr,12 10:11
Would you still fuck me with my tiny 2 inch cock?518,Apr,12 02:56
Need young/fit males to cum all over my pics please418,Apr,12 00:15
TULISA SEXTAPE 217,Apr,12 18:07
Lamest pick up lines217,Apr,12 14:20
Aching to be Sucked317,Apr,12 06:36
Fuck pics517,Apr,12 04:36
Do you think my dick is big?516,Apr,12 21:56
Is a big ugly dick better than a nice looking average one?2215,Apr,12 21:41
Health Warning - Pneumonia815,Apr,12 20:24
SIZE215,Apr,12 07:04
So which girls like to play with guys asses??215,Apr,12 06:57
need to know ASAP514,Apr,12 23:58
is my dick too small?314,Apr,12 20:33
Cam Wank Aus214,Apr,12 15:02
how do i make my pics smaller?414,Apr,12 03:55
how do u have a big cock head213,Apr,12 21:46
Old guys BIG dicks513,Apr,12 18:50
what the fuck - why dick, balls & ass hole becomes black213,Apr,12 18:11
Saying you're gay when you're not really gay!613,Apr,12 16:00
Who thinks I'm fake?213,Apr,12 14:55
What should I post more of?113,Apr,12 14:32
I gave up cocksucking for Lent813,Apr,12 13:13
docking413,Apr,12 11:16
London bi113,Apr,12 08:04
Length or Girth413,Apr,12 07:38
new york weed313,Apr,12 07:20
Easter Fun813,Apr,12 02:58
Evaluate this - Hairy or Shaved?313,Apr,12 01:57
new here check me out313,Apr,12 01:10
A Call to Remember and Memorialize the Holocaust2513,Apr,12 00:15
to shave or not to shave412,Apr,12 20:02
looking for feedback/opinions about my dick please.212,Apr,12 18:39
ANALYZE this cock212,Apr,12 18:36
Guess the age of my dick and my balls!412,Apr,12 13:37
like lookin at cocks does this make u gay1012,Apr,12 13:30
IM 18 and BIG, tell me what you think612,Apr,12 13:10
eat my own cum?312,Apr,12 12:07
Blessed Easter To My Christian Friends. Happy holiday!1412,Apr,12 04:08
Sad when your favorite play friend bails211,Apr,12 23:38
A Girls Guide to 21st Century Sex411,Apr,12 23:01
is this too small?211,Apr,12 22:09
big cockheads any1? 211,Apr,12 19:38
BEST SEX POSITIONS211,Apr,12 14:18
I'm Gonna Try to go 30 days without Masterbating!!!!!!!!1911,Apr,12 12:45
EDGING Stories411,Apr,12 11:13
Submissive Oral311,Apr,12 09:31
what would u do to me?311,Apr,12 00:36
New around here410,Apr,12 23:17
dick310,Apr,12 18:41
Why the most girls dont like my dick or balls?810,Apr,12 15:36
im always horny810,Apr,12 13:19
ugliest dick on this page 410,Apr,12 06:23
like my penis?209,Apr,12 22:20
skype with older fat men over 50209,Apr,12 21:15
What age did you first cum or fuck Please give juicy details.209,Apr,12 16:26
suck?209,Apr,12 14:13
dirty cocks109,Apr,12 11:25
who else has encountered this?409,Apr,12 06:04
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