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we love tributes to our pics and videos. we want to see the come fly guys! we want to see the cum fly guys!118,Dec,21 02:57
The New "Normal" Penis Size Has Been Announced After Lengthy Study7817,Dec,21 19:05
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Is someone Visiting Iceland in 2021217,Dec,21 00:56
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Glans shape and size3016,Dec,21 08:54
bdsm sex216,Dec,21 05:55
Rough blowjob or handjob1415,Dec,21 19:28
TINY PENIS LOVERS3015,Dec,21 18:45
It's hard1015,Dec,21 18:00
watching porn315,Dec,21 12:53
sex activity115,Dec,21 06:27
lets play truth or dare 1114,Dec,21 08:21
truth or dare anyone?2714,Dec,21 07:46
Rate and comment my dick113,Dec,21 11:34
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Let's compare our soft cocks9012,Dec,21 06:38
Cock Fight712,Dec,21 05:09
CURVED ERECTIONS6612,Dec,21 04:35
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Male Sex toy 1012,Dec,21 01:58
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most times you orgasmed/came in a single day4111,Dec,21 22:21
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looking to get my ass fucked first timer411,Dec,21 01:23
Being Gay511,Dec,21 01:18
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Bi married guys: Does she know?1910,Dec,21 23:44
Masturbating - Your Usual Routine?3710,Dec,21 23:33
What happens in your mouth when someone cums in it?3710,Dec,21 22:40
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There is something in my ass1609,Dec,21 03:30
am i a decent size409,Dec,21 03:30
Me drunk and passed out what would you do to me?808,Dec,21 17:13
whats your ideal penis size........and honestly5108,Dec,21 14:05
Indian travelling partner108,Dec,21 08:15
When you were a boy and went to the doctor for a check-up...3407,Dec,21 22:46
do you let other guys watch you sck dick?1807,Dec,21 19:34
Eating Sperm!!4607,Dec,21 11:39
been caught3207,Dec,21 11:38
tiny dicks1707,Dec,21 11:37
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Anyone have a wife with a hairy pussy?8707,Dec,21 10:03
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Threesomes?8607,Dec,21 09:42
Naked in a hotel hallway1207,Dec,21 09:22
Nude Beaches & Resorts - Who among us is a nudest?8707,Dec,21 09:11
Public nudity607,Dec,21 08:59
should public nudity be legal?8907,Dec,21 03:51
My size1706,Dec,21 22:42
2 cocks rubbing together10506,Dec,21 09:41
Erection hardness polls205,Dec,21 13:14
My cock is tiny n am proud605,Dec,21 03:42
Arthur Labinjo-Hughes304,Dec,21 14:43
Imagine handing over complete control of your penis to your girlfriend!1704,Dec,21 06:55
Show us your Cockrings7404,Dec,21 01:38
Is vocal ejaculation by a man forgivable by certified LMT903,Dec,21 18:49
What about the boys only showing erections? 8003,Dec,21 15:36
PANTYHOSE2303,Dec,21 08:46
Penis size1103,Dec,21 06:01
COCK2COCK PICS1003,Dec,21 01:52
I have a tiny penis, how much does size matter1003,Dec,21 01:46
Beautiful cocks61703,Dec,21 01:39
Tons of Trivia!37502,Dec,21 07:56
Problem with erection when with my gf702,Dec,21 03:07
Question to people with tattoos202,Dec,21 02:45
a refuge for small penis7101,Dec,21 13:12
pubic hair for men5730,Nov,21 21:59
tiny baby dick but proud please rate n share530,Nov,21 13:35
What do wear... Or not ... When you're sleeping ?1430,Nov,21 12:15
Getting caught wanking and/or naked in public.2429,Nov,21 03:45
Monkey see Daddy do has your father ever caught you?2929,Nov,21 00:06
STEPHEN SONDHEIM, R.I.P.628,Nov,21 12:18
BITING428,Nov,21 09:01
Cheating on husband1327,Nov,21 19:24
Semi public mastubation9427,Nov,21 19:06
what i do627,Nov,21 15:25
Cumshots for Girls626,Nov,21 22:53
Powerful ejaculation325,Nov,21 04:46
Can a penis be too long1223,Nov,21 15:35
Stranger on the street1723,Nov,21 14:12
Is reading others secrets of the day a serious turn on for you also122,Nov,21 18:19
Dribble cummers4322,Nov,21 08:04
what do all of you at home nudist do if someone knocks at your door?6522,Nov,21 06:04
Swingers MMF or MFF Stories1122,Nov,21 05:46
Who is in to cock whorship2222,Nov,21 05:41
why do you like viewing cocks14522,Nov,21 05:37
Masturbating with other male friends casually as a bonding experience?822,Nov,21 05:36
thinking about dick2522,Nov,21 05:32
My wifes ass is so tight922,Nov,21 05:29
If you could have an MMF with any two people on this site, who would it be?222,Nov,21 04:51
Watching my wife and another man7422,Nov,21 04:45
Naked In Public Stories622,Nov,21 04:32
watching her1322,Nov,21 04:24
Beeing watched622,Nov,21 04:14
RASIERT ODER BUSCH?3722,Nov,21 02:13
Lix and Aussieman6422,Nov,21 01:47
ass , balls & dick15321,Nov,21 22:34
Naked in house9921,Nov,21 21:45
Ladies, do you like to masturbate for men to watch?4621,Nov,21 15:42
HEY YOU!!..CAN I HAVE YOUR OPPINION..??720,Nov,21 23:17
Blocking face in pics??320,Nov,21 22:48
Anyone is California?2020,Nov,21 21:04
My Softie!720,Nov,21 14:43
Gay Pornstar1020,Nov,21 08:25
I’m new and looking for a gorgeous girl to collaborate with! Or at least turn each other on 🤷🏻‍♂&#220,Nov,21 00:34
Frenulum919,Nov,21 17:18
Vasectomy719,Nov,21 16:50
Spit or swallow2519,Nov,21 05:35
Gifts on your page ... How many do you have saved up ?1518,Nov,21 16:52
Cum on my pictures ;)218,Nov,21 16:48
How to increase your cumshots?518,Nov,21 13:19
wife fucks my ass with a strap on2518,Nov,21 04:39
my favourite pornstar,and who's yours??2618,Nov,21 03:51
Sucking in public518,Nov,21 01:40
Spit918,Nov,21 01:28
Married men - reasons for seeking a fwb buddy817,Nov,21 17:27
Sexual Hangups217,Nov,21 16:21
Excitement points817,Nov,21 00:16
My wifes orgasm416,Nov,21 21:43
Chat partner just leaves....1816,Nov,21 15:04
sucking first time815,Nov,21 17:06
Honest opinion415,Nov,21 03:06
anal creampies?314,Nov,21 13:56
Ladies: Rate my penis size513,Nov,21 16:12
Your sexual bucket list1813,Nov,21 15:50
Small Cocks113,Nov,21 00:27
How did you realize you're not hung like others?4912,Nov,21 14:52
I'm Thinking of Sucking a Big Cock 4412,Nov,21 14:45
Handsfree erection1811,Nov,21 22:31
Erected and hairy cock with balls front view3811,Nov,21 21:11
Asian Gfs610,Nov,21 21:42
My Girth2310,Nov,21 20:13
Hand Length and Penis Length510,Nov,21 11:46
Cumnmyass110,Nov,21 06:47
Married bi guys709,Nov,21 21:20
Does it Matter if the person you are talking to is married or single?5709,Nov,21 18:10
Moaning bj1009,Nov,21 17:58
I am offering handjobs, any takers?809,Nov,21 08:43
fucking in public 4509,Nov,21 08:42
thick cock6909,Nov,21 01:30
do you like japanese cock?lol209,Nov,21 01:01
Rate my dick and I’ll rate yours308,Nov,21 19:05
Diffrent places we have masturbated8008,Nov,21 13:42
wife watching408,Nov,21 12:07
Sleeping naked7308,Nov,21 12:02
How long do you take to masturbate?11808,Nov,21 11:36
How many fingers you can put inside your ass?7508,Nov,21 11:24
Show Your Outdoor Ass Pics1305,Nov,21 23:10
Deep-closeted bi guys1205,Nov,21 22:36
Wet Dreams how much sperm904,Nov,21 23:05
Spam104,Nov,21 21:27
First Orgasm - First Sperm7303,Nov,21 00:20
What does CAT mean?2503,Nov,21 00:12
With or without foreskin?3302,Nov,21 12:00
Confession Time1602,Nov,21 11:58
Mss. Cunt & Mr. Dick1202,Nov,21 11:40
anyone looking for a Oral or Jerk Off buddy in Hampton Roads Virginia area?302,Nov,21 08:48
Story's Public incidents401,Nov,21 19:59
Feel free to judge Ace123412 and Vitezx cock101,Nov,21 17:12
Public Nudity1401,Nov,21 10:49
QUESTION OF THE DAY, let's discuss1201,Nov,21 00:12
My toy431,Oct,21 19:03
foreskin adhesion1331,Oct,21 11:41
Headspikes - Hirsuties coronae glandis231,Oct,21 11:36
I am a proud owner of an Irsuties papillaries glans Join my group! 631,Oct,21 11:34
Question for guys who suck cock2930,Oct,21 16:18
Sexy pics130,Oct,21 13:28
Chinese ladyboys130,Oct,21 11:05
Pegs1030,Oct,21 05:48
Working a COCK1630,Oct,21 05:46
Married? Does your wife know?8730,Oct,21 01:14
Autocircumcision629,Oct,21 16:22
Can you reverse a sub cock528,Oct,21 23:36
Straight Men: What about eating a pussy after cumming in it?13728,Oct,21 20:48
Jerk off buddy 628,Oct,21 17:59
27 year old bi curious guy, not into anal--just dicks1028,Oct,21 14:23
Two whatever they are special chat2828,Oct,21 14:08
SUMO DICK928,Oct,21 14:02
Pantyhose and lingerie men4928,Oct,21 08:51
Blowbang fantasies828,Oct,21 08:39
Is taking DIRTY something you do?2628,Oct,21 08:37
heads straight on view7228,Oct,21 05:52
Spamming1028,Oct,21 01:31
my barely legal dick is back!!327,Oct,21 16:20
veiny cocks7627,Oct,21 02:41
Share your cum shots5326,Oct,21 12:28
Free Ballin'1726,Oct,21 11:47
DICK OF THE DAY426,Oct,21 04:11
They are only words3826,Oct,21 00:59
anybody want to share a picture of his wife?3225,Oct,21 19:12
Don’t know what to post .925,Oct,21 18:20
Winking825,Oct,21 16:23
Would you?924,Oct,21 15:38
Whats the biggest thing you have had in your ass?1524,Oct,21 13:01
Eating Ass1524,Oct,21 06:41
Your technique123,Oct,21 16:11
COLIN POWELL RIP7121,Oct,21 21:55
pussy eating2121,Oct,21 17:37
How Did It Come To This / How Did I get Here?1121,Oct,21 17:25
wanting to suck first cock921,Oct,21 12:19
threesomes and group sex7521,Oct,21 01:59
and More confusion321,Oct,21 01:13
Looking for older gay guy1020,Oct,21 21:59
What do you do with your cum after masturbating?6120,Oct,21 21:47
Asian dicks represent319,Oct,21 12:43
Asian cocks with little or no pubic hair419,Oct,21 10:37
virginia area Bi Curious ?119,Oct,21 10:27
Cocain519,Oct,21 04:27
Joe has got to go!17219,Oct,21 03:27
In-laws1318,Oct,21 17:35
Listening bed squeaking kink1618,Oct,21 17:26
Verification?1118,Oct,21 17:21
Hot Wife Contest218,Oct,21 12:57
Body: Show your full body ( without or with face) male or female19318,Oct,21 08:38
cum in mouth/swallowing1117,Oct,21 14:35
how many people have you fucked3617,Oct,21 14:23
Science is Real!317,Oct,21 12:44
Cum kissing917,Oct,21 10:29
*PHOTOSHOP*51617,Oct,21 09:06
cock pics417,Oct,21 09:03
Cock ring or no cock ring???6517,Oct,21 08:54
QUESTION FOR ADMIN1817,Oct,21 08:48
Tell me what you want to do to my boyfriends cock…317,Oct,21 08:24
What I like to do316,Oct,21 21:43
Naked car ride1016,Oct,21 20:48
Confession time!!4216,Oct,21 20:34
If no one would know1416,Oct,21 20:09
Is anyone interested in sucking a dick2116,Oct,21 20:04
full body pics5116,Oct,21 18:06
SYD Gay sex compilation video - Anyone wanna participate?616,Oct,21 10:21
Insertions816,Oct,21 10:18
do you masturbate outside?9016,Oct,21 09:27
Fantasize about in-laws816,Oct,21 00:06
Question for the ladies - Favorite vibes or dildos!315,Oct,21 23:14
Pubic Hair Question1315,Oct,21 18:49
Skype groups115,Oct,21 13:53
Anyone from Michigan or Wisconsin?2314,Oct,21 09:23
Looking fr aussies714,Oct,21 01:16
My wife's ass could use a tribute ;)313,Oct,21 16:25
Asshole Bleaching813,Oct,21 00:09
GIRLS, whats your favourite type of pics?212,Oct,21 23:07
men in thongs3412,Oct,21 21:54
Can you find my husband in this site?612,Oct,21 03:57
Question for Catholics re "confession"1111,Oct,21 19:58
Does she wants me or not?811,Oct,21 13:14
Visiting Iceland is someone here coming to Iceland ?110,Oct,21 19:57
Uncut masturbation210,Oct,21 19:36
What is the kinkiest place you have shot your load?14410,Oct,21 06:16
**** story?509,Oct,21 16:15
Curved cocks609,Oct,21 15:27
How many in your foreskin?709,Oct,21 10:05
im on my knees naked609,Oct,21 02:52
curved cocks1008,Oct,21 22:09
No justice anywhere1308,Oct,21 19:16
JERK OFF GROUP408,Oct,21 16:29
Big black cock turn on3208,Oct,21 12:25
Anyone want to tribute the wife?207,Oct,21 22:15
What does it feel like to have a cock in your ass?11307,Oct,21 20:51
Old account members pics807,Oct,21 18:38
Circumcision style?2907,Oct,21 12:43
Group Bate Session?1507,Oct,21 10:11
Looking for mature men and women who want to cum for me207,Oct,21 09:29
Anyone want to exchange cumshot pictures?306,Oct,21 16:26
I got FUCKED UNMERCIFULLY today!705,Oct,21 14:17
The Abuse page33905,Oct,21 08:20
Amount of semen in condom1005,Oct,21 08:15
Big Cumshots505,Oct,21 01:24
Blacklisters be aware....604,Oct,21 23:33
Relation Between Length-Girth Ratio And Penis' Look2204,Oct,21 20:17
Fond of Showing my Dick in Public5104,Oct,21 13:04
bra and lingerie fetish504,Oct,21 09:55
jerk buddy on cam704,Oct,21 02:48
Do you sleep in panties1203,Oct,21 15:59
Verification mark/Category?703,Oct,21 13:49
is my puss nasty?10403,Oct,21 03:45
I love eating pussy903,Oct,21 01:48
Smell something while jacking off1503,Oct,21 00:33
Father's bringing their daughters into men's change rooms.2002,Oct,21 20:44
Luv 2 suck-off real fathers202,Oct,21 20:42
Dirty Assholes802,Oct,21 12:35
Looking for uk skype guys or ladies for jerk off session102,Oct,21 06:59
What is your favourite vegetable or fruit?1602,Oct,21 02:48
Is my pussy attractive?8801,Oct,21 21:06
"LIX" and "AUSSIE" THEY WILL BE MISSED15201,Oct,21 19:59
Let's see everyone in Oregon901,Oct,21 19:31
self sucking1530,Sep,21 11:47
Fordyce spots830,Sep,21 11:41
Auto-fellatio1830,Sep,21 11:15
Wife watching porn2230,Sep,21 01:44
Did you cum with any of my vids? ❤️4130,Sep,21 01:04
Caught out in public wearing womens underwear.2229,Sep,21 22:05
Foot jobs1529,Sep,21 22:02
Sucking dicks1029,Sep,21 20:29
Same Topic - New Question529,Sep,21 00:01
Asian dick rate228,Sep,21 16:02
Post pictures of your pets!328,Sep,21 09:42
Foot and Cock Fetish1128,Sep,21 09:37
Anyone likes feet?2028,Sep,21 09:12
My balls size - vote428,Sep,21 07:12
Academics2428,Sep,21 06:52
Pussy1928,Sep,21 04:22
Shining cock in her mouth1028,Sep,21 00:41
Photoshop my Pussy?726,Sep,21 23:35
Would you?4226,Sep,21 14:50
Any opperations other than circumcision ?1826,Sep,21 10:49
pussy-asshole combo7825,Sep,21 16:31
Big and beautiful!725,Sep,21 14:27
anal1024,Sep,21 20:51
would you suck it?1724,Sep,21 20:09
Wank club1224,Sep,21 19:57
Nipples124,Sep,21 15:09
I'll tell you if your cock Fuckable or sackable and explain why5023,Sep,21 23:02
masturbating to feet321,Sep,21 01:27
gf/wifes feet420,Sep,21 17:33
༼☯﹏☯༽3020,Sep,21 17:06
Girlfriend penetration pics120,Sep,21 16:08
Pictures with face1020,Sep,21 05:22
Face Pictures2220,Sep,21 05:14
Creampie Eating3418,Sep,21 08:57
Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel117,Sep,21 19:46
Small cocks and women who like them117,Sep,21 04:43
show your hole1116,Sep,21 20:55
Are there women with hairy armpits here?1115,Sep,21 23:12
QUESTION FOR ADMIN1115,Sep,21 19:07
Kneeling before the American Flag during the National Anthem...65315,Sep,21 03:22
Do you enjoy listening to my moan?4515,Sep,21 02:22
My wife just found my bag of ‘other’ toys314,Sep,21 05:28
Guys should keep their cock natural like God made them313,Sep,21 15:42
Changing profile to couples status?313,Sep,21 14:36
Is it bad I let my younger cousin play with my dick?2213,Sep,21 02:32
getting nude out door or public5712,Sep,21 19:41
Due to high server load you cannot view this page????1511,Sep,21 08:42
Anyone like watching someone wee?1110,Sep,21 13:26
Straight guys looking for a buddy610,Sep,21 02:23
So, how do i approach my GF with.....1108,Sep,21 07:08
I’m in Minnesota908,Sep,21 04:58
any aussies here? 907,Sep,21 20:28
Any ladies wanna be in a video game?706,Sep,21 15:07
Cutting your frenulum on purpose.1006,Sep,21 12:46
My wifes panties1406,Sep,21 12:42
unable to take it in the ass.506,Sep,21 06:00
Would you participate in a gangbang if someone here invited you?1305,Sep,21 09:28
Has anyone ever worn or considered wearing a chastity cage?3105,Sep,21 02:39
I love the taste of my cum504,Sep,21 07:28
Who is the hottest man on SYD?1203,Sep,21 20:16
Pa hook ups203,Sep,21 09:56
Is Penis power?903,Sep,21 05:58
Ladies: ideal cock size?3701,Sep,21 21:44
What Cocksuckers Think of This Site.4001,Sep,21 21:39
Y is it so hard to find a cock to suck?2801,Sep,21 13:20
How to please my foreign boy friend1030,Aug,21 22:14
My penis130,Aug,21 17:14
married and sucking4030,Aug,21 11:54
Masturbate on my mother in law630,Aug,21 09:22
Would you let your wife or girlfriend do porn?730,Aug,21 02:21
Caught sucking ?2229,Aug,21 16:55
19 yo girl ooking for tributes!729,Aug,21 09:03
Average Dicks 5.5 - 7.0 inches10428,Aug,21 04:48
Would you take your sissyfagsub get hot wax Brazil?128,Aug,21 00:06
Nivana being sued FFS927,Aug,21 23:52
Ridiculous people1726,Aug,21 03:43
CHARLIE WATTS, R.I.P.926,Aug,21 02:02
ENLIGHTENMENT to hatters , frustrated and negative people6025,Aug,21 18:12
Ass sniffing.325,Aug,21 10:18
Was it wrong of me?224,Aug,21 23:50
DON EVERLY R.I.P.624,Aug,21 21:14
How is the hottest girl on the site?7524,Aug,21 01:49
Good bands1224,Aug,21 00:54
girls getting fucked with nylons or stockings 323,Aug,21 18:09
Shame on you for celebrating!7523,Aug,21 11:40
questions for guys with uncut cocks1422,Aug,21 21:24
Sex with celebrity?1822,Aug,21 11:35
Evolution321,Aug,21 01:43
Bi guys- advice wanted620,Aug,21 16:28
Cock photo contest !8919,Aug,21 16:29
Silent, moaning,screaming...917,Aug,21 21:27
*CHALLENGES - WEEK 1*4117,Aug,21 20:54
Sexy challenges417,Aug,21 20:43
Breaking the deepthroat barrier1017,Aug,21 13:44
Rate my cock? Comment ill reply and rate you!1915,Aug,21 19:24
What do you think is an Anthem song for Premature Ejaculators?1015,Aug,21 19:12
Look at my junk in the mirror at work515,Aug,21 13:03
Local113,Aug,21 13:54
Be on the lookout for the Walrus and her Midget!3008,Aug,21 13:56
Foreskin Restoration Routine208,Aug,21 03:22
Household Masturbation items207,Aug,21 01:21
Watching Peter North makes me want to do Transexual/Gay porn106,Aug,21 11:09
Show your smooth balls6206,Aug,21 05:11
Where’s Lix2205,Aug,21 21:02
Chastity devices1005,Aug,21 17:42
here's a list of all the guys who have sucked me off since I moved to Florida. curious if anyone else does anything like this.105,Aug,21 01:45
french kiss after blowjob2505,Aug,21 01:33
Foreskin size3204,Aug,21 14:35
Hard cocks803,Aug,21 21:10
Honest opinion1903,Aug,21 01:49
GROWER OR SHOWER18902,Aug,21 23:05
Uncut ? How far back can you retract your foreskin ?6002,Aug,21 21:32
Cocks In Jeans29002,Aug,21 19:53
Perfect dick size302,Aug,21 04:12
MN or Chauvin...21102,Aug,21 03:42
Would you like to watch vids for free?1531,Jul,21 20:50
Opinion on submitting hard and/or soft cock pics931,Jul,21 14:24
Erotic Comments About My Ass331,Jul,21 13:07
mutual jerkers DC,MD.VA area131,Jul,21 07:14
Looking to jerk off/trade.130,Jul,21 04:26
Have any women made a tribute photo for a guy?130,Jul,21 00:41
Who and what do you fantasise about when you are jerking off?827,Jul,21 12:16
What do women find attractive about a man's cock head627,Jul,21 00:32
tight frenulum1126,Jul,21 22:33
Small cock jhb SA226,Jul,21 13:06
flaccid and hairy dick pics426,Jul,21 07:04
Please humiliate me for my pathetic excuse for a dick126,Jul,21 03:52
Humiliate my little dick and degrade me626,Jul,21 03:49
ANYONE PLEASE HUMILIATE & DEGRADE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!826,Jul,21 03:48
Small Penis Humiliation1726,Jul,21 03:47
Your Cock in Pussy126,Jul,21 02:52
lunch time325,Jul,21 16:37
Balls : Post your balls pic19425,Jul,21 13:57
Jerking tutorial?3424,Jul,21 20:28
Throbbing/pulsating cocks624,Jul,21 15:30
STUFF, JUST STUFF306723,Jul,21 21:00
How sensitive is your cock?3522,Jul,21 20:47
Smallest cock pics.. is mine the smallest ?1822,Jul,21 01:38
What's the smallest cock you ever encountered?4021,Jul,21 14:32
Wuhan institute of virology posted ad for scientists to test new SARS virus in November221,Jul,21 02:10
New category request: cum and cumshot1720,Jul,21 19:14
Most Befriended Member720,Jul,21 16:47
Show your cunt3220,Jul,21 07:24
Favorite homemade fake pussy520,Jul,21 06:58
Why does my main page say I'm spamming when I comment?619,Jul,21 23:36
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