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Names for our cocks2718,Jun,22 08:18
Masterbating with toilets?1318,Jun,22 05:05
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Wife516,Jun,22 11:28
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eating pussy 4816,Jun,22 04:26
where do you like to shoot your load?4015,Jun,22 17:25
"Straight" guys checking out other guys pages4914,Jun,22 16:18
What style or type of pics are your favorite?314,Jun,22 11:14
Masturbating in your car1713,Jun,22 17:26
Anybody who dye their pubic hair?2213,Jun,22 13:29
Being sucked off by a guy in a wheelchair2913,Jun,22 01:26
Guys Has anyone ever paid you to let them suck ur cock.?3612,Jun,22 13:35
Different items used to wank.1812,Jun,22 09:09
mirror masturbation9111,Jun,22 23:29
Are you Submissive or Dominant?6911,Jun,22 23:00
Ever get off on Watching Yourself?5611,Jun,22 14:02
sauna1611,Jun,22 08:11
Are kids today figuring out sexuality at a much younger age?509,Jun,22 10:32
At what age did you start to masturbate?26709,Jun,22 10:26
Straight and interested in men and women?2009,Jun,22 05:02
Does Anybody Else Find Oldmen Dressing In Women's Clothes Unattractive?3209,Jun,22 02:01
White socks or bare feet509,Jun,22 00:23
turned on by your own pics1409,Jun,22 00:19
Have you like ever, you know just sat in a circle and braided some pubes?2409,Jun,22 00:08
The Evolution of Gay Sex1509,Jun,22 00:06
why white ppl r crazy for uncut cocks??7708,Jun,22 23:59
Drinking frozen cum708,Jun,22 23:56
indian or arabic?808,Jun,22 23:54
Chest Hair ?8108,Jun,22 23:49
show your handsome face ,guys2008,Jun,22 23:43
been sucked by a dude?5708,Jun,22 22:25
Curious guys?2308,Jun,22 21:29
Question to gay guys........1408,Jun,22 21:25
Best time of day to masturbate7008,Jun,22 21:20
Uncut or cut1008,Jun,22 21:18
Anyone met a local from this site?3408,Jun,22 21:17
do you get turned on by guys that dress up ??3608,Jun,22 21:07
Who can't retract their foreskin?808,Jun,22 21:03
Tendency to be gay1608,Jun,22 20:57
What kind of pics do you like to look at? Girls and guys2308,Jun,22 20:54
Everhad sex in church1708,Jun,22 20:54
Anyone into furry stuff?808,Jun,22 20:52
Head too big for anal?1608,Jun,22 20:50
Men's nipples1408,Jun,22 18:17
Light touch finger tip massage408,Jun,22 18:01
Do you really sleep when you sleep with someone?608,Jun,22 12:06
Fun voting game108,Jun,22 07:53
A question for straight guys.... 5908,Jun,22 06:36
What is straight808,Jun,22 05:46
Which way does your penis's curve2908,Jun,22 00:45
Mushroom heads...and MORE mushroom heads...9407,Jun,22 20:20
What do you think of men and painted toenails ( and finger nails) ? Yes or no?307,Jun,22 15:06
Is cyber fun cheating?1307,Jun,22 14:08
Chaturbate?907,Jun,22 14:01
anyone gay that doesn't do or like anal.?1107,Jun,22 13:24
Rate my cock107,Jun,22 02:06
How many others mastubated with a friend growing up10706,Jun,22 17:57
This site is too addictive!806,Jun,22 15:59
Masturbating the shaft of the penis2906,Jun,22 13:30
mirror pix !!!5306,Jun,22 12:52
Asian Cock1406,Jun,22 10:43
Forcefull gay sex1506,Jun,22 03:49
Homoerotic straight guys906,Jun,22 03:47
watching guys jerk there cock off306,Jun,22 02:53
Do bra causes breast cancer?305,Jun,22 21:25
Where to go to shoot my load?705,Jun,22 18:41
Bath houses2105,Jun,22 18:33
Have you ever sucked up anyone on this site??905,Jun,22 18:32
First fleshlight305,Jun,22 18:30
Mutual masterbation405,Jun,22 18:28
ever been offered...1905,Jun,22 18:27
Would U be my hippo? xD605,Jun,22 18:26
Do female armpits excite you?1405,Jun,22 18:24
weirdest place you've masturbated?2605,Jun,22 17:13
First same sex encounter1705,Jun,22 17:04
cut - vs - uncut2205,Jun,22 16:36
'cut' and 'uncut'1205,Jun,22 14:50
Straight but Bi-Curious2705,Jun,22 13:20
Talking about masturbation1505,Jun,22 06:32
How do I get past the discomfort of taking dick?605,Jun,22 06:23
Driving and masturbating6304,Jun,22 21:19
Legs open or closed when having/getting a wank?5804,Jun,22 13:51
Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs?2404,Jun,22 07:24
Fucking sister-in-law104,Jun,22 06:27
BO HOPKINS RIP204,Jun,22 03:02
Testosterone1104,Jun,22 02:11
Hairy men2603,Jun,22 22:33
Does anyone own a Fleshlight?2303,Jun,22 22:31
How much do you cum?503,Jun,22 22:13
Converse Baseball Boots103,Jun,22 17:42
Commando today?2203,Jun,22 16:49
Is 7 inches big enough?1103,Jun,22 04:04
Micropenises in locker rooms1101,Jun,22 20:02
Growing up701,Jun,22 16:26
Any hot curious guys near Greensboro North carolina301,Jun,22 16:20
how many fingers can you get in your ass? do you like anal play?2701,Jun,22 16:14
Who's ever masturbated with toothpaste, Deep Heat, or Tabasco sauce?2101,Jun,22 16:09
Downward curved dick301,Jun,22 10:50
Are bi guys more cock horny than gay guys?831,May,22 15:37
What other amateur websites do you like?1331,May,22 09:33
What happened to men being men? Seriously.2931,May,22 04:52
Jerk parties1731,May,22 01:22
Mirror Maturbate1230,May,22 14:40
Do you think your cock is big?4330,May,22 14:13
What is your size??12330,May,22 12:43
masturbating630,May,22 06:41
Shaved or hairy2230,May,22 01:45
Have you ever had fun with roommates329,May,22 21:50
HOW BIG is ur cock REALLY?2629,May,22 21:46
Identical Twin Brother = Identical Cock?729,May,22 21:09
Who has phimosis?629,May,22 20:59
Horniest time of the day?1029,May,22 20:30
Guys with hairy chest AND shaved cock!1329,May,22 20:25
Ever had a seemingly normal conversation with someone, and then boom out of no where they want to lick your armpit?929,May,22 20:01
nude infront of mirror6729,May,22 19:56
8 inches club1529,May,22 19:52
Bearded guys329,May,22 19:50
Precum1529,May,22 19:40
TWINS - ever been with one or both?729,May,22 19:38
dont know if i'm gay or curious429,May,22 19:36
What age was you when you touched or sucked your first dick?22729,May,22 17:46
Do you regularly masturbate while standing up?4329,May,22 03:02
Granny sex6528,May,22 18:02
Lets play truth or dare!!!828,May,22 07:35
Cut or Uncut Cocks3528,May,22 01:44
have you ever drank your own sperm?11328,May,22 01:40
kinkiest sexual experiences or fantasies7127,May,22 22:04
⬆⬆*Reasons for being blacklisted/blocked*⬆⬆1827,May,22 20:13
One Word To Describe You?15927,May,22 19:11
Small balls to humiliate427,May,22 19:05
Happens Every Time!427,May,22 19:04
"Can't log out"1627,May,22 16:18
black pubic hair3027,May,22 16:16
Cumming Handsfree1127,May,22 13:25
Jerk off to yourself?7027,May,22 13:24
Anyone may help me to upload my ass pics to popular site , like Google search pics ?327,May,22 12:14
Cock honesty - smallest / normal flaccid size7226,May,22 15:01
Suggest me places to get naked426,May,22 03:45
Being forced to swallow a dude's load. HOT or not?4425,May,22 17:46
Underwear Swap125,May,22 17:09
A Transgender too far?3625,May,22 13:02
Getting Verified325,May,22 10:54
have you ever masturbated in public places9025,May,22 10:47
The CAUSE of SCHOOL SHOOTINGS in the US has finally been found.8824,May,22 23:34
Have all guys or most guys played with a cock at sometime in their life?8224,May,22 20:55
Straight but looking to play424,May,22 18:12
Getting caught by parents2823,May,22 20:43
men kissing men2323,May,22 16:31
Who has gotten a prominent erection in a yoga class223,May,22 13:05
Who love Uncut Cock?..........Who has Uncut Cock?26523,May,22 12:48
Do you prefer a hairy or shaved asshole ?1423,May,22 12:21
Anyone from canada?2023,May,22 11:46
Shaved cock6722,May,22 08:13
Semi erect cocks6022,May,22 08:02
Side view cock pics2422,May,22 07:51
Uncut vs cut how much better is it for guys with foreskin?2222,May,22 06:13
Guys, show balls underneath. Who elder loves it?621,May,22 14:59
Curved cocks6221,May,22 09:30
Happy return1620,May,22 21:32
Swallow his load, not kiss his face1519,May,22 22:35
Want my girl to be used419,May,22 16:41
Does using Viagra make women feel insecure ? 😘619,May,22 15:51
Most humiliating3419,May,22 13:54
When at the urinal1918,May,22 07:02
How often do U Masturbate2418,May,22 05:05
Upload permission1017,May,22 20:13
Has anyone successfully met up with another guy for a discreet sexual encounter before?3417,May,22 17:11
Smooth Ass or Hairy Ass?1717,May,22 13:38
Do you "French Kiss" guys?2117,May,22 06:32
Should I shave all of my pubic hair off?2517,May,22 01:34
Sexual Preference2317,May,22 01:25
Bear cubs... (Young hairy guys)616,May,22 23:46
Should I keep my cock unshaved, trimmed or smooth?4016,May,22 23:45
Anyone write erotica?1916,May,22 01:21
Anyone else's wife or gf have big aereolas?116,May,22 00:50
How many have never had a wet dream3615,May,22 15:49
Shaved or natural4815,May,22 12:31
shave or hairy1015,May,22 12:31
Foreskin2515,May,22 12:20
Iowa215,May,22 12:17
Foreplay315,May,22 12:14
What underwear do you like to see men in?7315,May,22 12:12
Have you ever let someone shave your cock?2815,May,22 11:35
How often do you masturbate.2015,May,22 11:02
Who is Hotter214,May,22 14:31
Chem sex514,May,22 00:46
penis addiction3613,May,22 03:54
Cum overflow111,May,22 13:43
Wife vs Friend - who is hotter111,May,22 11:23
Are men with small cocks more into submissive sex?4211,May,22 05:33
trade pics or vids411,May,22 00:47
poppers2210,May,22 19:48
Dildo vid610,May,22 05:12
First time use of Viagra910,May,22 01:57
DENNIS WATERMAN, R.I.P.610,May,22 00:24
What you think308,May,22 16:08
##-Conspiracy-##12607,May,22 13:59
Gun **** in America39107,May,22 09:35
Men with painted nails607,May,22 03:02
does anyone sawllow there own cum?7006,May,22 21:58
Circumcised penis cum pics please! ;)6506,May,22 14:34
Time travel do yourself1305,May,22 22:29
Are you a 'slut'?16505,May,22 16:41
Girth3905,May,22 14:24
Poppers1605,May,22 12:46
anyone use a dildo to cum2505,May,22 09:42
Bukakke and Gangbang905,May,22 09:36
first time sucking a cock6405,May,22 06:28
Pics of shaved hard cocks1804,May,22 02:10
"Are You Spamming" ?4303,May,22 22:05
Turn Wife Into A Slut...Advice Needed1103,May,22 21:31
cum addiction1603,May,22 13:42
Women who want to Skype603,May,22 00:07
Uk group jerk off group301,May,22 16:25
WHO HAS A GOOD CUM VIDEO9001,May,22 10:27
Guys using vibrators401,May,22 09:18
Ass full when wanking701,May,22 09:14
who wants to group jerk on skype1430,Apr,22 20:15
Public Sex - How Far Would You Go?4330,Apr,22 09:59
Sissy slut boy!929,Apr,22 20:49
Any one else use make shift toys?529,Apr,22 20:06
Hook up or chat129,Apr,22 18:12
Current truth or dare!4729,Apr,22 12:13
Eating cum1229,Apr,22 06:42
Michigan Members2127,Apr,22 19:21
Embarrassed by younger ****827,Apr,22 07:15
Pic/Video Challenges for Inspiration1027,Apr,22 06:23
sex in public??4526,Apr,22 14:42
YOUR LOCATIONS......WHERE DO WE ALL LIVE ?64126,Apr,22 14:24
Have you ever tried to suck your own dick?6326,Apr,22 11:47
How much jizz in a lifetime?525,Apr,22 13:07
An urgent question924,Apr,22 23:23
Do you enjoy girl on top ( question for boys)5924,Apr,22 23:21
Pubes or no Pubes that is the Question?1423,Apr,22 07:47
Small foreskin8022,Apr,22 19:05
Watching boys masturbate1322,Apr,22 19:02
who would lick my shiny mushroom?321,Apr,22 15:42
Do You Like My Mushroom Head?421,Apr,22 15:41
Small soft dick14621,Apr,22 14:38
Question to all boys and girls in the page3521,Apr,22 14:36
For the Ladies1021,Apr,22 12:42
Straight women: What do you like or dislike about the taste of your own cum?421,Apr,22 12:34
new here321,Apr,22 12:33
Mutual Masturbation8020,Apr,22 23:32
What do ladies think about guys wearing sheer swimsuits219,Apr,22 18:06
Guys in Michigan hmu!217,Apr,22 17:50
Best masturbation session3117,Apr,22 14:18
YOUR PARENTS216,Apr,22 18:58
Heart & Excite?516,Apr,22 09:14
A Note to Japanese Members of SYD1015,Apr,22 18:23
Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio1615,Apr,22 18:13
UK straight guy wants gay mens opinions515,Apr,22 15:41
Please rate my cock! ;) 1615,Apr,22 12:22
Fucked in a motel room while another couple slept next to us.314,Apr,22 23:32
Male asses that look female4114,Apr,22 14:12
Amount of semen during a lifetime 414,Apr,22 10:43
public flashing - exhibitionism6214,Apr,22 05:31
embarrassed of my unusually small dick need confidence boost please rate 1-101913,Apr,22 12:23
Stupid people6413,Apr,22 01:35
Breast Milk812,Apr,22 20:46
nylon stocking lovers2810,Apr,22 12:51
stranger sex1309,Apr,22 18:00
Russia-Ukraine308,Apr,22 19:37
Messages from Donald J. Trump.4608,Apr,22 17:55
piss play2507,Apr,22 07:36
Anal orgasms3706,Apr,22 15:34
Whats your preference3306,Apr,22 15:26
WOULD YOU FUCK MY ASS ??1205,Apr,22 23:41
Writing down your fantasies / experiences 905,Apr,22 18:57
What is anal sex really like?2705,Apr,22 16:44
Comparing Cocks105,Apr,22 05:30
More Crap904,Apr,22 20:26
Hetero Guys just sharing penis pics?604,Apr,22 12:57
HUGE BALLSACK!2002,Apr,22 19:53
You in your underwear 5002,Apr,22 08:01
First?2302,Apr,22 04:10
Somebody watching you suck cock7202,Apr,22 03:41
10 most sexual things you want to do before you die4702,Apr,22 03:26
physical exam time802,Apr,22 00:35
Bi Guys - when was the first time you sucked a cock?5801,Apr,22 12:30
Ballbusting? Is it your cup of tea?1101,Apr,22 03:41
People from canada hook up1531,Mar,22 06:38
ass or pussy1930,Mar,22 06:30
any one have good rest stop storys830,Mar,22 06:04
Julianne Moore, confuses me!3129,Mar,22 15:21
Based off my photos, if I couldnt say no, what would you do to me?529,Mar,22 15:12
Hookups429,Mar,22 15:05
Are all guys ever so slightly interested in seeing others?5629,Mar,22 14:51
Showering at the gym?2729,Mar,22 00:30
Curved dicks8527,Mar,22 04:09
How many squirt when you cum?3127,Mar,22 03:50
ur favorite member1227,Mar,22 01:59
First frotting experience (frottage maybe...what ever)1427,Mar,22 00:35
Modern Technology what would you have done?426,Mar,22 19:33
are long dicks on average thicker than average size cocks?826,Mar,22 15:04
Sperm Collecting in a Cup825,Mar,22 10:04
Fake Hunters14824,Mar,22 10:28
New discovery824,Mar,22 08:01
Suggestions to Admin2723,Mar,22 20:30
Let's see your frenulum5023,Mar,22 15:25
Why is Pegging so ignored here?1023,Mar,22 11:50
Tricia Janine Helfer223,Mar,22 02:32
Whereby.com221,Mar,22 12:30
CUM SHOT PICS5621,Mar,22 12:22
piss421,Mar,22 06:47
ASS ABD BALL PICS520,Mar,22 14:36
Favorite amateur free video sex site1220,Mar,22 00:42
LOVE UP CURVED COCK,s!7319,Mar,22 08:32
Any hotels in Glasgow area that you do not need to have a key card to get into the lobby?317,Mar,22 21:43
Gay-Bi Dating Site116,Mar,22 18:37
Why does a woman peeing turn me on so much?1014,Mar,22 05:20
Favorite Gay Pornstars313,Mar,22 20:17
Cock size v Genetics....3413,Mar,22 15:12
Wife Gets off on Guys Masterbating1609,Mar,22 18:38
masturbation sites HELP!909,Mar,22 18:20
daily masturbation1109,Mar,22 04:36
Leo the Cowardly Lie-n509,Mar,22 03:57
What do you think of curved dicks?4208,Mar,22 22:18
How do you shave cock, balls and/or ass2008,Mar,22 17:03
Gay guys who don't like anal?2408,Mar,22 16:38
Have you ever brought a woman to orgasm without fucking?13608,Mar,22 01:15
Marion County, Iowa107,Mar,22 16:33
Looking for any Marion County Iowa people207,Mar,22 16:31
Do you prefer shaved, trimmed or all natural for pubic hair?6807,Mar,22 13:39
The appearance of the penis in long-time masturbators.507,Mar,22 13:35
materbate with407,Mar,22 08:12
Shower or Grower4506,Mar,22 19:05
Locker room bonner.6306,Mar,22 07:19
urethral opening706,Mar,22 01:52
Pussy smell4605,Mar,22 23:55
*World Views*247605,Mar,22 01:22
Show off your small boner7404,Mar,22 09:46
Who likes to dirty talk with chat? Share turn in’s, fetishes, stroke while sharing?403,Mar,22 15:35
confession time3403,Mar,22 08:22
Putin GIFs, Meme..101,Mar,22 02:54
Should I stay or quit?7528,Feb,22 22:00
Me and you and your wife1327,Feb,22 17:26
showyourdick for real, public showers & toilets1525,Feb,22 19:54
Compare sizes in person in Denver725,Feb,22 15:43
Would you join a gym if it had coed showers and locker rooms2224,Feb,22 22:22
small cocks7124,Feb,22 13:30
M/F threesome porn scenes?2123,Feb,22 22:32
Who would suck my cock?822,Feb,22 19:52
drinking cum...1522,Feb,22 19:17
6.5" cock722,Feb,22 02:46
Grower and not a shower?1721,Feb,22 19:48
Bi guy needs help.1220,Feb,22 19:20
Posting my vids and pics119,Feb,22 17:42
Anyone into exposure?1519,Feb,22 14:52
Nudists - Uncircumcised1919,Feb,22 12:53
Are You A Grower or A Shower!8118,Feb,22 22:21
cam shows and cam chats518,Feb,22 04:01
You In Your Briefs!9218,Feb,22 02:03
what brought you to show your dick?6217,Feb,22 05:55
Sydney nudist116,Feb,22 17:26
I want to take pictures of a man preforming Oral Sex on me and post them on this site416,Feb,22 13:47
Do any guys find the control and feminization of a guy a turn on or is it just the finished article they like615,Feb,22 15:56
My profile is being hacked915,Feb,22 07:19
What is your favorite kind of pic?1415,Feb,22 03:30
How did u know a masturbation?4015,Feb,22 01:54
Super horny when high515,Feb,22 01:30
Accidental emparasmends313,Feb,22 23:59
pnp & bi,1113,Feb,22 23:23
Your wife's/girlfriend's orgasm1613,Feb,22 22:37
Show some love please513,Feb,22 21:23
Gay men Vs straight men313,Feb,22 13:42
Netherlands sex - march213,Feb,22 06:33
Videos of you eating your own cum.1312,Feb,22 16:31
The fear of WHITE people15412,Feb,22 13:52
MEAT LOAF R.I.P.2712,Feb,22 06:34
Had my first experience, tell me yours611,Feb,22 00:21
Gay stories709,Feb,22 17:17
Tecunt2009,Feb,22 05:37
female.wank off club1408,Feb,22 13:46
Cruising107,Feb,22 17:30
What do you think?407,Feb,22 17:10
Show your dick, not show your bum hole3306,Feb,22 07:43
Your favorite/ most viewed pic11006,Feb,22 07:39
a sensitive anus1706,Feb,22 06:47
Voyeur pics305,Feb,22 16:57
Having your cock bit705,Feb,22 06:45
Lady Tecsan- The Human Bidet6405,Feb,22 06:35
Circumcised cocks versus uncircumcised cocks4103,Feb,22 12:33
Penis tattoo403,Feb,22 02:11
hairy dick7903,Feb,22 02:03
Nice shaved cocks3331,Jan,22 07:13
No vax10731,Jan,22 03:03
C2C with me228,Jan,22 21:20
M4M dating sites728,Jan,22 01:33
Would you fuck me827,Jan,22 17:27
sleeping with family9527,Jan,22 17:09
**** kissing but LOVE sucking cock2127,Jan,22 10:10
simple question ! do u get points for your pics and actions on this site ?126,Jan,22 14:41
nude body425,Jan,22 17:15
Do you enjoy being nude in public???9925,Jan,22 02:24
new york/ long island area323,Jan,22 21:43
anyone in the York, Pennsylvania area?123,Jan,22 21:22
One load in your anus.! 💦💦💦2023,Jan,22 13:21
How many girls have you fucked8822,Jan,22 19:50
You're an Idiot6822,Jan,22 16:53
18 years old cock4322,Jan,22 13:15
what is your wildest sexual fantasy?8621,Jan,22 13:38
HOW DO YOU EAT YOUR OWN CUM3420,Jan,22 22:09
Owners of modded cocks!1718,Jan,22 15:02
Swallowing cum after cock sucking12018,Jan,22 08:41
Hand job videos1518,Jan,22 06:44
Sexy, skimpy underwear on guys - YEA or NAY?7418,Jan,22 06:39
Should I or shouldn't I?1017,Jan,22 19:52
why is the size of my dick the same since i am 12 years old?717,Jan,22 11:06
lets see some hot bulges!6616,Jan,22 17:03
my penis videos soon for you peoples..315,Jan,22 01:18
Has Anyone Fucked Sister In Law?3515,Jan,22 01:00
About everyone's sexuality214,Jan,22 12:28
Sister In-Law2414,Jan,22 07:23
any woman to watch on Skype..112,Jan,22 06:13
WEIRDEST!!2311,Jan,22 17:22
What are the many ways to show off dick in public?2211,Jan,22 10:24
any straight guys who love to suck cock8411,Jan,22 09:32
Any 🐖🐽 are saved and posted my pics in other social, forum etc?709,Jan,22 20:42
fucked by a strap on1509,Jan,22 09:46
SIDNEY POITIER R.I.P.308,Jan,22 13:00
My white cock erection2007,Jan,22 23:49
Women and men107,Jan,22 19:34
Photo ID?807,Jan,22 11:09
What is average thickness607,Jan,22 03:54
thickness or length?2207,Jan,22 03:53
Temporary penis tattoo107,Jan,22 03:13
Pussy edging1207,Jan,22 02:18
Men who like to wear nylons5707,Jan,22 01:54
How long can you last in sex2406,Jan,22 21:05
hot straight best friend story w/ his gf206,Jan,22 20:29
Tight Underwear4506,Jan,22 12:45
Anyone into penectomy?806,Jan,22 03:30
2 cocks in one pussy2905,Jan,22 21:40
Piss1005,Jan,22 16:44
cock sucker1105,Jan,22 11:02
favorite type of pussy pics?4505,Jan,22 09:32
shaveing1805,Jan,22 08:42
Men are better at sucking dick4905,Jan,22 02:32
Always Commando3705,Jan,22 00:17
Male Dom female sub relationship.304,Jan,22 13:23
any straight guys thought about sucking dick.10004,Jan,22 06:12
Curious??404,Jan,22 00:49
Question for you "straight" guys2903,Jan,22 21:14
Shooting you load into wife/gf's pussy and then licking it out1203,Jan,22 20:48
Serious inquiry into anal2003,Jan,22 19:05
Why do straight guys visit this site?7303,Jan,22 16:55
Guilt of being naked with men.703,Jan,22 15:16
True stories you don't tell cuz no one believes it103,Jan,22 11:33
modding another mans meat103,Jan,22 04:24
Want cum1603,Jan,22 03:56
Sucking cock2102,Jan,22 15:12
Anyone ever done stuff with their dad/stepdad/uncle or grandad? Just wondered6002,Jan,22 15:02
Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me so hard...2202,Jan,22 14:37
cocksucking3302,Jan,22 14:28
3 some with a twist202,Jan,22 14:24
Wer m?chte meine Frau ficken? Who wanna fuck my wife?802,Jan,22 14:02
local members402,Jan,22 13:51
Communicating Your Desires.902,Jan,22 13:49
Sucking another cock4702,Jan,22 13:45
is it weird that i eat my own cum ? does anyone else do the same ?2502,Jan,22 13:43
What is the best thing that happened to you on this site?3002,Jan,22 13:35
"Straight" Guys4902,Jan,22 13:30
Fucking your GF/Wife after another man came inside her?1802,Jan,22 13:05
I'm new to this1502,Jan,22 13:00
I live in Wisconsin and i'm looking for a man to suck me off on camera while i film it and post it. Where can i find this?902,Jan,22 12:47
What kind of sex are you into? 6302,Jan,22 12:18
want to play with someone802,Jan,22 12:09
How to tighten your foreskin101,Jan,22 23:52
want to play with a dick for the first time 601,Jan,22 22:36
Members from Vatican City801,Jan,22 20:55
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Sucking Cum Out -- Shooting In The Mouth601,Jan,22 01:36
Would you?2531,Dec,21 23:18
looking to play with a dick for the frst time731,Dec,21 22:00
Do most men find cocks like their own the sexiest?5931,Dec,21 21:20
The BEST you ever had!1931,Dec,21 21:19

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