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democrats and associated press close believeallwomen twitter account after Biden sexual assault case came to light4201,Apr,20 00:31
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Frotting2324,Mar,20 14:17
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Shemales1523,Mar,20 03:26
DAME VERA LYNN, 103 AND NOT OUT!222,Mar,20 21:48
Report from New York City-322,Mar,20 20:57
Has anyone ever turned somethingmeant to embarrass you into the other persons embarrassing moment.122,Mar,20 20:27
Has anyone ever had sex with a family member?622,Mar,20 11:21
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Most Humiliating and or Embarrassing Moments?222,Mar,20 06:59
Women who love to swallow semen?3322,Mar,20 04:38
How many guys have had multiple fingernails dug into there backs by more than one woman122,Mar,20 04:27
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Cuckold well almost1021,Mar,20 19:54
The Loss of Common Sense in a PC Social Media World-1921,Mar,20 19:34
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shaven or hairy pussy?3219,Mar,20 02:44
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Best friend sucking918,Mar,20 19:40
Illinois woman posted screenshot her local channel accidentally put on air at 10am declaring Biden winner518,Mar,20 17:53
Shootings and violence,how do we stop it?1818,Mar,20 04:29
who on this site has the best bodies and features. male and female.218,Mar,20 04:00
Time to End Banning!217,Mar,20 14:27
Questions for those who love to suck cock5817,Mar,20 14:25
Looking for shemales!717,Mar,20 14:20
Verifying1317,Mar,20 14:11
Cancer s of the breast testicles117,Mar,20 10:19
Anyone from West Tennessee?517,Mar,20 03:22
Andrew Gilliam being sent for drug rehab to avoid drug charges says he will be done time enough to run for governor again217,Mar,20 02:08
What are youre favorite names to tease a litte cock like this?116,Mar,20 07:03
Which gives a better blow job (male) or (female) and why ??.....716,Mar,20 06:46
Me drunk and passed out what would you do to me in this position?916,Mar,20 01:34
Looking for Skype jo buddy115,Mar,20 17:37
circle-jerking to music115,Mar,20 17:11
on a scale from 1 to 10 2215,Mar,20 05:34
Former Gubernatorial Democrat candidate for Florida detained after third party meth overdose in his hotel room414,Mar,20 18:52
Should good threads in the dumpster-- be "Un-Dumpstered?"413,Mar,20 20:54
Small or average?512,Mar,20 16:23
lancashire males212,Mar,20 03:35
What is it like1211,Mar,20 12:31
22 YO Virgin, is this normal?611,Mar,20 10:00
Straight with occasional thought or pondered on playing around with a guy. anyone else thought about it?1311,Mar,20 04:45
Experience with Craigslist Personals:)3511,Mar,20 04:39
dick size n shape 511,Mar,20 04:11
Denver democrat council woman post on government site all democrats infected with coronovirus should attend every MAGA event2911,Mar,20 01:09
what do women think about men sucking cock 1910,Mar,20 18:56
Nancy Pelosi now threatening to sue Facebook for not removing video of her tearing State of the union speech2010,Mar,20 18:29
How many of you women like to suck cock?1110,Mar,20 17:21
Ladies & gents what famous/ celeb would you suck dry210,Mar,20 13:10
How many guys can do this?2810,Mar,20 08:30
How big is too big?1210,Mar,20 08:28
Cock in pussy1510,Mar,20 08:27
What goes on at truckstops110,Mar,20 05:42
cum and piss1109,Mar,20 23:28
Mimi Waters809,Mar,20 10:34
Top or Bottom508,Mar,20 01:19
Please show us your SEXTOYS and how to use it.2907,Mar,20 06:47
Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket?1906,Mar,20 20:41
CUM SHOTS!!!16005,Mar,20 20:04
Now that the casual encounter section on CL is gone where’s everyone meeting up to have NSA hookups I805,Mar,20 15:53
Your last three posted pics705,Mar,20 03:11
I can't find my clitoris.1504,Mar,20 16:52
Who wants to fuck this pussy?1204,Mar,20 12:32
Lack of universal love is why so many cocks go unsucked504,Mar,20 03:39
Do women enjoy or are they turned off if they can clearly see a mans cock in his jeans?804,Mar,20 03:24
Me drunk and passed out2703,Mar,20 23:44
Who wants to join me for a fantasy gangbang?603,Mar,20 22:24
Toronto Bi Guys - Swinging Fun202,Mar,20 19:20
I am Accepting Special Photo or Video Requests202,Mar,20 19:15
Naked men vs naked women802,Mar,20 17:59
lets trade pics!601,Mar,20 05:09
Would Love to Show Off to a Lady129,Feb,20 13:27
i want to play with another mans cock6029,Feb,20 07:39
Site Birthdays! 🎂8229,Feb,20 07:26
guys with curves to their cocks/best pics. Post & I will rate 'em4628,Feb,20 06:45
if u had to choose ONE, would u choose girth or length?1527,Feb,20 22:56
discovering your reposted pics1827,Feb,20 14:44
*** Here's something different , .... How would You : Rate Yourself" ??? ***11226,Feb,20 10:14
Am heading to Glasgow in April .sex ideas226,Feb,20 03:05
Need help with pictures425,Feb,20 16:19
Cumshot Videos424,Feb,20 19:02
wife/gf/****/ex pics? i wanna trade!623,Feb,20 19:04
Broken nipples1523,Feb,20 12:04
Facebook Group523,Feb,20 09:04
UK Meets1120,Feb,20 15:41
Hanging right ball1320,Feb,20 14:34
Random Mid-Day Ejaculation While Soft?!!420,Feb,20 07:30
Balls1019,Feb,20 16:44
What are some good cam sites?819,Feb,20 16:21
Ball size and ball flapping1819,Feb,20 15:16
Wife approving ur gay fantasy1119,Feb,20 13:55
UPSKIRT pics6119,Feb,20 13:40
Best viagra in London?219,Feb,20 02:26
Where are all the Montanans318,Feb,20 13:31
hairy dicks and balls..1318,Feb,20 11:17
fat cocks 3918,Feb,20 05:50
new group...small cocks rock417,Feb,20 12:29
Are my balls big?517,Feb,20 06:54
please help us416,Feb,20 20:27
I want PIE!816,Feb,20 16:29
who will suck my dick????516,Feb,20 16:27
Should i leave or not?716,Feb,20 16:26
new catagories416,Feb,20 16:24
7 inch club5816,Feb,20 14:32
Sex art in the past2215,Feb,20 23:45
Young Average Cocks Only!1815,Feb,20 12:41
Happy Valentine's Day715,Feb,20 06:43
Help me!!!315,Feb,20 00:22
My cumshot. Add yours cumshots:)7413,Feb,20 15:40
Who likes to be dominated and why?713,Feb,20 08:01
Diamond Jackson (such an amazing body).712,Feb,20 16:17
Cock shrinkage in the cold.4412,Feb,20 12:52
Reason for your Adult Circumcision 412,Feb,20 11:30
How did you feel the first time you cummed and how did it happen812,Feb,20 04:22
women wearing glasses312,Feb,20 03:56
The "social" side of the site..811,Feb,20 20:07
changing over time311,Feb,20 10:32
Not gay but love looking at cocks & balls I'm 701810,Feb,20 23:42
Do you think im BIG,AVERAGE, or SMALL be honest?610,Feb,20 20:58
What is too small for penis size?? man/woman answers710,Feb,20 20:57
shrinkage1210,Feb,20 20:52
nicknames for small dicks910,Feb,20 20:47
Calling all pencil dicks1310,Feb,20 20:47
Need name of Huge tits & cock Trans310,Feb,20 15:53
R.I.P. Robert Conrad died age 84310,Feb,20 14:51
Trump not guilty2410,Feb,20 03:51
Posh Wank309,Feb,20 19:39
Why I am horny ?1608,Feb,20 03:13
After fuck relaxation808,Feb,20 03:13
Modified dicks208,Feb,20 03:08
Missing Pics608,Feb,20 01:57
Princeton Indiana108,Feb,20 00:34
Home made wanking movies607,Feb,20 22:02
Piercings407,Feb,20 16:20
Show your Piercings5107,Feb,20 16:19
what kind of beachwear do you normally use?4207,Feb,20 08:41
Do you like to see pic of cock inside wet underwear?1307,Feb,20 05:24
Shiny Cock Gang - where you at? Share107,Feb,20 00:36
Can I get some serious ratings on my cock, please?106,Feb,20 16:46
I Can't See My Dick !806,Feb,20 15:06
GIRTH: Am I Thin? Average? Above? BRUTAL HONEST ANSWERS1006,Feb,20 09:07
KIRK DOUGLAS, R.I.P.406,Feb,20 04:21
Fantasy come true?1304,Feb,20 18:42
Glans shapes7704,Feb,20 17:05
What is your foreskin coverage?1304,Feb,20 03:37
Here we go again204,Feb,20 01:51
Urinals2202,Feb,20 15:55
Full body pic2101,Feb,20 08:35
First time - age?1301,Feb,20 03:10
Have you ever skinnydip?2431,Jan,20 20:23
Who wants to suck it?331,Jan,20 13:42
Craigslist posting is gone1331,Jan,20 05:32
Homemade dildo531,Jan,20 03:24
Is this a nice dick?531,Jan,20 00:33
sounding - which young guys like it2531,Jan,20 00:00
Masterbating330,Jan,20 16:51
Where are the thin average dicks at? 2529,Jan,20 14:40
While wearing panties do you feel femenine1529,Jan,20 00:52
Frenulektomy628,Jan,20 10:24
Tributes for wifey127,Jan,20 13:10
Sweet *Jamie2627,Jan,20 12:12
The P Spot or the male g spot226,Jan,20 06:35
straight but sucked cock526,Jan,20 06:05
It pays to be a winner! Trump!!!16226,Jan,20 03:28
MotherFuckin MetaL!13025,Jan,20 09:33
How do we all best like to cum during sex?2623,Jan,20 19:07
examining Trump Derangement Syndrome..Defined, symptoms..4923,Jan,20 15:05
Cum fixation2623,Jan,20 09:17
anyone in Illinois?222,Jan,20 22:55
Request me to shoot ANY original videos doing NON-SEXUAL things. I will post them all in my page221,Jan,20 03:07
Furry Yiff Question219,Jan,20 23:56
Do you like group sex, orgies etc. ? 1219,Jan,20 18:26
Sexy Mature Women: Opinions, thoughts, advice119,Jan,20 02:05
Straight versus gay.817,Jan,20 22:32
Opinions of redheads/ gingers/ carrot tops etc2717,Jan,20 19:29
MILFS1017,Jan,20 19:27
boxer brief2917,Jan,20 06:31
To women if you walked out your door and saw a neighbor outside stroking317,Jan,20 04:12
Problem of this discussion-forum is:2617,Jan,20 02:04
HI BELLA!!! :D1916,Jan,20 22:29
Dear SYD Forum,2216,Jan,20 22:22
Three cheers for Obama! 3216,Jan,20 22:11
Veins on breasts416,Jan,20 21:50
Skype, FaceTime, Messenger, Snapchat users116,Jan,20 02:40
changing rooms2215,Jan,20 22:16
**MOVIE CLUB**21115,Jan,20 13:43
who would do cum denial on my cock? what type of things would you do to my cock?215,Jan,20 06:25
SKYPE WANKING GROUP14814,Jan,20 20:14
Better BJ414,Jan,20 19:34
How do you become a porn star ?114,Jan,20 12:27
what do you think of mine?414,Jan,20 07:54
Two dicks touching pics please!4113,Jan,20 22:31
The Top Member Thing1713,Jan,20 15:52
Who loves Low hanging balls too?2512,Jan,20 03:46
Members showing face+cock in same pics6811,Jan,20 11:27
Memorable Men's room sightings/ encounters/fantasies:911,Jan,20 10:08
Like young smooth hung muscle studs?511,Jan,20 01:09
TRUMP THE FRUMP6609,Jan,20 01:22
pierced dick at nudist beach/camp1107,Jan,20 19:34
Q Leggings507,Jan,20 18:49
Open pussy2406,Jan,20 17:35
Hi women, you like horny chats 606,Jan,20 17:30
Women Over 40 Years Old6506,Jan,20 03:38
my wife says my penis is small , what do you think ?1805,Jan,20 10:04
Cock sucking different view903,Jan,20 19:19
Suckling tits.403,Jan,20 13:54
Do you like pussy in pantyhose?1303,Jan,20 08:43
Pussy spread !802,Jan,20 16:10
Taking Photo's2802,Jan,20 04:38
so I'm curious if I have a look alike on here... hmmm101,Jan,20 20:15
fetishes question701,Jan,20 04:11
CHINESE PUSSY ARE THE BEST!!! 2501,Jan,20 01:05
Christmas cocks 2019801,Jan,20 00:10
Popeye's Chicken Sandwich !!1331,Dec,19 16:37
Pantie wearers2031,Dec,19 00:51
Effects of Pornography on the brain330,Dec,19 23:06
Skype buddy? Bottom HMU130,Dec,19 18:30
Can't read blogs1530,Dec,19 01:31
What makes a dick beautiful?2729,Dec,19 18:05
Really good anal129,Dec,19 05:39
Doggy style sex pic629,Dec,19 05:27
Doggy Ass Up with Both Feet included Pics4329,Dec,19 05:25
Discreet meet and suck/fuck?129,Dec,19 05:03
some people say i have a sexy cock head and glands1028,Dec,19 18:15
Easy test to spot fake pictures1327,Dec,19 04:44
Sissy needs firm hand and hard cock!326,Dec,19 22:22
Any sissy cumslut stories?326,Dec,19 22:18
Women who like to cam2cam, sext, trade nude selfies and videos with guys326,Dec,19 21:39
How small does a dick have to be for it's considered a sissy's clit?726,Dec,19 13:20
SEASON'S GREETINGS926,Dec,19 06:38
Most viewed pic as of now1626,Dec,19 06:04
*#* Food *#*4926,Dec,19 00:24
Sharing Christmas genital decorations and card ideas!6924,Dec,19 13:22
Cock Restraints and Cock Bondage14123,Dec,19 03:25
Shaved legs, chest, bollocks and cock1022,Dec,19 05:46
Show your balls, stretched!1021,Dec,19 21:15
Cock in pussy pics320,Dec,19 15:31
Restoring Foreskin2520,Dec,19 13:14
"Closeups of Cut Glands" (Cut Dicks Only)8818,Dec,19 04:31
Gay porn516,Dec,19 23:19
Moral vs. political correctness.2315,Dec,19 13:28
addcted to creampies1014,Dec,19 19:25
Show me your horny black dicks !1414,Dec,19 09:32
Just shoved a carrot up my ass...?613,Dec,19 15:46
Fuck pic Different view613,Dec,19 07:55
buttplug412,Dec,19 14:41
Difficulty cumming during sex810,Dec,19 23:07
Pantie party1110,Dec,19 09:02
Should I show full naked with face on this site?1309,Dec,19 23:32
Music.2008,Dec,19 20:39
Guys, show your nips!3708,Dec,19 08:41
Can't sleep at night408,Dec,19 04:57
Eating my cock?507,Dec,19 17:57
Difficulty climaxing without penetration307,Dec,19 02:39
Strap on1406,Dec,19 05:50
Selling underwear205,Dec,19 12:09
How 2 made a glowing dick...504,Dec,19 00:58
My boyfriend wont have sex with me. Need help. I'm a female.1303,Dec,19 08:31
A warm welcome to all new members, please introduce yourself here!1002,Dec,19 23:47
***Sayings/quotes/clichйs***5702,Dec,19 21:42
Attention South African Girls & Couples!130,Nov,19 21:16
In the minority as 'cut or 'uncut'929,Nov,19 21:03
I want more points to start a competition. I want to run an Xmas themed comp!229,Nov,19 19:44
Male nipples!328,Nov,19 12:06
how tight is your circumcision?6526,Nov,19 05:41
Which motion: inward thrust, or outward pull?325,Nov,19 04:21
CHEST1123,Nov,19 23:53
Just saying3522,Nov,19 13:20
Can yall help me get verified?222,Nov,19 00:56
Beach indoor gang shower221,Nov,19 20:04
Urethra521,Nov,19 08:18
Rimming: Giving and Receiving5121,Nov,19 08:00
So why is it that straight guys... 1320,Nov,19 18:02
stinky wristwatches1720,Nov,19 13:44
Couple pic latest1220,Nov,19 03:36
Looking for "Circumcised Cocks" with big heads!20319,Nov,19 14:08
SELF SUCKING2618,Nov,19 16:59
Weak/feeble minded members that ban on here418,Nov,19 15:09
want to see my erect dick pic? come here :)318,Nov,19 15:06
for guys who have big dicks716,Nov,19 23:44
Short Guys With Big DIcks316,Nov,19 03:38
Black dicks2716,Nov,19 03:34
fakes or real2015,Nov,19 18:50
Women with Wide Hips / Big Bottom / Hour Glass / Pear Shaped Bodies515,Nov,19 14:56
BBW’s?1815,Nov,19 11:47
Any big guys like small dicks?513,Nov,19 21:26
The term CUNT9113,Nov,19 21:14
Role play112,Nov,19 07:00
Cleanup6511,Nov,19 19:07
Black cocks turn me on can I touch someone's black cock?1511,Nov,19 10:46
Do you do doggy style ?4711,Nov,19 10:43
what position does it for you?1911,Nov,19 04:54
GLORY HOLES5510,Nov,19 23:21
sucking cock the right way2210,Nov,19 23:05
Best porn vid?210,Nov,19 17:02
A thread for Cunts- Called a cunt, are a cunt, should be a cunt etc810,Nov,19 15:26
Looking for 310area jerk off buddy110,Nov,19 03:08
Indian Uncut Dick3209,Nov,19 18:59
I Think Glasgow_boy is one of the most popular guys on site408,Nov,19 20:33
unusual remaining foreskin after infant circumcision506,Nov,19 23:07
Glory hole suck & swallow2106,Nov,19 17:14
Men if you suck cock where?7106,Nov,19 12:01
Have you ever dream on being a porn star?3206,Nov,19 09:00
Post your pics - I will give an honest rating!5605,Nov,19 18:38
Circumcised and hairy1705,Nov,19 14:02
guys i need hairy cock porn1805,Nov,19 13:23
anyone in the bay area (california)405,Nov,19 07:07
Hairy bush4204,Nov,19 04:33
No Skype, No Cam = Fake?7003,Nov,19 12:14
Who has a big twitter following?303,Nov,19 01:06
Messy cum shots1802,Nov,19 18:19
NYC photographers?102,Nov,19 13:00
Strap-on domination202,Nov,19 06:34
Female armpit 701,Nov,19 18:43
We need to outlaw Gravity TODAY!3131,Oct,19 11:52
Halloween "Candy Tax"631,Oct,19 02:24
Come hands free?3730,Oct,19 21:08
spun fun1530,Oct,19 15:49
Rate my dick please230,Oct,19 09:44
Are hairy girls more attractive to u?1829,Oct,19 22:36
milking?629,Oct,19 13:55
Guys, Has she ever made or asked you suck cock2529,Oct,19 11:35
Play ball?829,Oct,19 05:15 to get a buddy to jerk off together?2229,Oct,19 03:36
Do you like to suck or being sucked4929,Oct,19 01:44
Gay And Straight Stories1229,Oct,19 01:12
found a look alike, do you think so too?429,Oct,19 00:54
Showing Cock in Public5929,Oct,19 00:31
Biggest cock929,Oct,19 00:19
Dick sharing websites129,Oct,19 00:15
cum on cocks and cum shots2428,Oct,19 23:11
Last time you saw another cock live5528,Oct,19 23:10
Show your uncut cock.17728,Oct,19 22:21
most recent pic628,Oct,19 21:34
Dribble or spurt cumshots??5428,Oct,19 21:00
How long does it take you to get a boner?4228,Oct,19 20:41
how can you expand your ass hole?1128,Oct,19 17:37
Ladies with hair.1628,Oct,19 16:04
Age authentication in the UK from April 1st628,Oct,19 15:42
Gangbang1528,Oct,19 14:43
my pussy, would you? make love to it or abuse it all night1628,Oct,19 01:20
Verification help please327,Oct,19 10:03
Small to big1027,Oct,19 01:58
better, pussy or ass1227,Oct,19 01:36
shemale question826,Oct,19 21:35
Precum Pics6126,Oct,19 20:11
Ohio226,Oct,19 17:14
KIK alternative?1525,Oct,19 23:47
Boys cumming2025,Oct,19 09:58
biggest dick on site9925,Oct,19 06:33
Man died from penis enlargement surgery in Sweden!725,Oct,19 00:50
Small Penis pics?10824,Oct,19 13:21
sweaty cock and balls!323,Oct,19 18:50
Nice Bushes1122,Oct,19 06:50
Who loves women with a hairy butthole?1222,Oct,19 02:39
10 tips for seducing a Woman SYD style.4221,Oct,19 21:31
Black Cocks For Your Pussy!1021,Oct,19 17:25
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