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For guys who post face pics...3223,Feb,23 14:13
put a face with that cock2523,Feb,23 14:10
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clothes are stupid3023,Feb,23 13:53
ONE MAN, TWO OR MORE WOMEN423,Feb,23 04:11
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Tribute of me by Danny645222,Feb,23 22:53
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"Young Bushy Pubic Hair"3216,Feb,23 05:42
A love poem for Valentineґs Day by Emily Bronte515,Feb,23 23:08
dicks and steering wheels4015,Feb,23 17:45
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Am I a pervert if I'm a faggot?1514,Feb,23 20:38
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***Write a little something on my Wall***714,Feb,23 00:37
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Hooking up at a bar111,Feb,23 21:03
Cocks in Jockstraps710,Feb,23 20:29
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Cbt master 809,Feb,23 03:46
Sperm Haters, are here someone others?1608,Feb,23 18:13
Bottoms looking for tops1907,Feb,23 17:06
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Price Albert Cock Piercing3407,Feb,23 03:14
Cockmods706,Feb,23 17:24
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At what age did you have your first gay experience ?5206,Feb,23 12:34
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Mushroom Head6430,Jan,23 06:18
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Cruisin329,Jan,23 19:33
Strange and funny situations from sex and presex life329,Jan,23 14:54
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Hate1229,Jan,23 03:46
Ever shown/ used your dick with your siblings or cousins?9728,Jan,23 19:02
I wanna play chess!!127,Jan,23 23:41
Any South African cock lovers on this site?2725,Jan,23 22:32
soft or hard2325,Jan,23 22:08
Has your wife caught you....1625,Jan,23 18:06
cut penises6625,Jan,23 09:34
Sleepovers3425,Jan,23 09:32
Photo Request or Personal Mesage/ Commets823,Jan,23 15:55
In person comparison122,Jan,23 08:36
How to suck my first dick?821,Jan,23 23:03
Fakes1121,Jan,23 20:58
Meeting people to suck, How?1321,Jan,23 19:34
Prefer small dicks or huge dicks?2321,Jan,23 17:48
DAVID CROSBY RIP1321,Jan,23 02:17
Interested in trying cock, where do I start?1020,Jan,23 18:47
Curious!920,Jan,23 18:07
I just wanted to mention, I love showing off my cock.420,Jan,23 15:13
jacking off outside?15220,Jan,23 15:11
Texting a nude pic to somebody intentionally?2220,Jan,23 15:03
Am heading to glasgow in April any good spots for hoooking up for sex?720,Jan,23 12:27
Who the first person to see you masturbate?20120,Jan,23 00:09
What do you think about Rachael G?10019,Jan,23 16:30
Do you like cumshot videos??719,Jan,23 08:30
Panty sniffing719,Jan,23 08:28
Show me them mushroom heads!7519,Jan,23 08:10
Cocks Pointing Up3219,Jan,23 05:28
SITE VILLAINS!24819,Jan,23 04:12
Hey! I know that dick!1218,Jan,23 11:21
Women's breasts - what size is most sexy?3217,Jan,23 21:31
Any outdoor/ public pix or videos?13115,Jan,23 13:02
A few photo tips for newbies (and not-so-newbies)2714,Jan,23 22:54
A Heartwarming Story for Christmas713,Jan,23 06:08
"Russian warship go fuck yourself."36412,Jan,23 04:58
wearing thongs/panites4911,Jan,23 01:27
Peyronie’s1011,Jan,23 01:18
Looking for a clamp111,Jan,23 00:52
What Makes You hard2410,Jan,23 23:07
Full body pics.34210,Jan,23 03:44
Show your tool2410,Jan,23 03:42
Who video chats?109,Jan,23 23:16
honestly209,Jan,23 08:21
Im done fighting with monted*2209,Jan,23 07:00
Masturbating for an opposite-sex partner8109,Jan,23 03:39
Self Eating Cum408,Jan,23 14:25
Cock & Ball Rings1908,Jan,23 03:22
Point of shooting cum1107,Jan,23 15:20
Ruined Orgasm107,Jan,23 15:19
Ever looked at some members with things they say and do here and think why?2006,Jan,23 17:34
Question for you Straight Guys?906,Jan,23 10:10
Joke Central26406,Jan,23 01:27
photo contest105,Jan,23 04:11
have you or would you masterbate in front of your spouse/ partner ? 5005,Jan,23 01:21
Site Predictions for 2023! What are yours?2804,Jan,23 05:41
my sister703,Jan,23 20:20
premature ejacualation603,Jan,23 18:40
Not attracted to men but loving sucking cock10103,Jan,23 13:22
Tribute 2 of me by Danny645101,Jan,23 12:12
High Heels & Stockings?1401,Jan,23 06:22
Favorite style of panties801,Jan,23 03:18
Public urinals fun8701,Jan,23 01:54
Vasectomy631,Dec,22 10:46
Hotel Window Sex831,Dec,22 10:39
Jacking off in panties.2430,Dec,22 13:23
i love fem feet1129,Dec,22 20:53
Who loves coffee and what is your favorite Brand?5029,Dec,22 20:03
Suck or Fuck629,Dec,22 17:56
Name that Dick!529,Dec,22 16:29
Artist needs a cock to cast529,Dec,22 11:41
Condom Cum229,Dec,22 11:38
taste sperm3729,Dec,22 11:15
my sister held my cock528,Dec,22 23:48
Co Workers that make You Hot427,Dec,22 23:00
Tribute of me by Danny645227,Dec,22 13:48
the words smalls cock126,Dec,22 23:21
Men: Where are you in this size scale?28826,Dec,22 23:18
Naked guys with socks1126,Dec,22 17:03
guys with small penis'?14426,Dec,22 14:12
Who else wishes they were uncut2026,Dec,22 09:23
Merry fuckin Xmas2625,Dec,22 18:59
Best stories of getting caught3525,Dec,22 14:09
Do you have a shorty?1824,Dec,22 15:24
embarrassed to show small cock3824,Dec,22 15:21
smaller3124,Dec,22 15:19
SMALLDICK CLUB10324,Dec,22 15:18
I have a small cock4424,Dec,22 15:18
Do you consider yourself ... Small , Average or Well Endowed60724,Dec,22 15:17
Let's talk cock524,Dec,22 13:53
Stripping videos323,Dec,22 15:16
The 4-inch and under club!2723,Dec,22 14:17
full nude photo2923,Dec,22 12:59
Do you swallow or spit the sperm?11023,Dec,22 08:30
Cock or Pussy ???4223,Dec,22 08:27
Small balls222,Dec,22 22:21
PLEASE POST922,Dec,22 22:09
Piss522,Dec,22 22:08
Lets talk sack and egg size balls. I've got em, Lets see em.222,Dec,22 02:22
Male nipples / love ❤ to see more622,Dec,22 02:07
What underwear do you wear?4922,Dec,22 01:50
Any Love For The Little Dicks?4022,Dec,22 01:29
GUYS ONLY::Would you lick my Ass?1022,Dec,22 01:28
BALL PICTURES8622,Dec,22 01:12
Does your wife know...822,Dec,22 01:07
Awakening121,Dec,22 17:45
panty sniffer1121,Dec,22 14:36
In the shower2020,Dec,22 01:50
How small is too small?1519,Dec,22 15:32
Being Really Thick3618,Dec,22 23:18
Comparing Wives (Whose girl is hotter)5018,Dec,22 05:34
BJ or full sex5218,Dec,22 01:06
Discovering a friend on the internet515,Dec,22 04:34
anyone line thongs?1514,Dec,22 12:50
Womens opinion on mens sheer swimsuits514,Dec,22 01:23
whats wrong here. people say here i would like to see my wife getting fucked with other man?3813,Dec,22 16:16
How well do ladies like to see a mans cock in his pants,do they like being able to see the head?312,Dec,22 17:19
Full/heavy balls10212,Dec,22 14:50
Circumcised as an Adult1012,Dec,22 13:07
swine flu312,Dec,22 08:59
australian gay nude beaches1412,Dec,22 01:19
Strip poker as a kid4411,Dec,22 15:25
what is your opinion about tasty fruits?2311,Dec,22 09:58
Cock in your hand22010,Dec,22 10:53
Men please send pictures of your Hard Cocks to me. My Mouth & Ass are Hungry...1110,Dec,22 10:45
LEAVING COMMENTS810,Dec,22 08:34
?ltere Frauen1009,Dec,22 20:39
Benidorm nude beach909,Dec,22 13:51
Gym locker room...609,Dec,22 13:34
Tax Fraud trump709,Dec,22 13:33
Club 6"1909,Dec,22 13:19
what you think of Mila Boobs609,Dec,22 02:50
Daily Dose Of Uncle Joe.9308,Dec,22 20:38
tb1's 10th ANNIVERSARY on SYD708,Dec,22 13:06
Mature Hairy Asses807,Dec,22 20:28
Who has a big flared helmet cockhead with a thick ridge (corona)?15505,Dec,22 22:51
I want to take pictures of a guy sucking me off & post them on showyourdick (Florida)2604,Dec,22 20:50
FAT MUSHROOM HEADS7503,Dec,22 01:12
What kind of sex is your favorite?6202,Dec,22 12:01
Getting a boner at a nude beach3101,Dec,22 21:04
Who’s in the mile high club?830,Nov,22 09:23
A message for Jamie: Return to the site cunt928,Nov,22 15:16
Comparing Sex Appeal of our Girls128,Nov,22 10:18
R.I.P. IRENE CARAS728,Nov,22 06:46
NC guys427,Nov,22 20:55
Where was the last odd or semi public place that you masturbated?5227,Nov,22 19:32
do you masturbate daily ?8827,Nov,22 19:20
Chubby Bottom's Big Ass & Hole226,Nov,22 14:42
Do you remember when...?124,Nov,22 15:22
Do you masturbate when getting sex regularly?13222,Nov,22 21:38
For old men like me, over 70 and never circumcised:1722,Nov,22 18:53
Trade used underwear inside Europe!422,Nov,22 16:30
A SINCERE APOLOGY1921,Nov,22 22:48
Public masturbation.9920,Nov,22 13:02
Jacking with a buddy. . . 5519,Nov,22 08:28
Penis pumps?1118,Nov,22 07:17
Do you remember the first time you came3016,Nov,22 07:12
premature ejaculation1816,Nov,22 06:51
Tribute of me by Italian28cm116,Nov,22 05:10
18-35yr Old guys who love small cocks or have small penises2214,Nov,22 15:28
more girth than length3114,Nov,22 14:38
Do I have the biggest ASIAN COCK on this site?1814,Nov,22 13:32
The first time3214,Nov,22 04:33
my poll is closed1213,Nov,22 17:22
Most embarrassing orgasm you had?3613,Nov,22 05:27
Lots of precum3612,Nov,22 21:57
Bi w/ a gf812,Nov,22 17:16
Cumming without touching cock2211,Nov,22 15:40
Do you rememebr the first porno flick you watched?8011,Nov,22 13:45
Ejaculation during sleep6111,Nov,22 13:41
jerkoff in Brussels810,Nov,22 22:06
Nacho Post2410,Nov,22 05:23
Thinking about going to a nude beach.1909,Nov,22 06:09
R.I.P Leslie Phillips - British actor309,Nov,22 01:59
Ball spanking607,Nov,22 08:22
Are women more accepting of seeing cock in public?107,Nov,22 03:10
If you lived in ancient times...306,Nov,22 21:22
Sucking strangers in public1506,Nov,22 18:07
The Handy106,Nov,22 13:49
similar sites?406,Nov,22 07:53
How do you ask for a blowjob?305,Nov,22 23:55
masturbating for the first time (guys)9605,Nov,22 20:51
Sites similar to Doublelist105,Nov,22 11:22
Panties, what's the attraction.1605,Nov,22 01:30
Do you swallow12602,Nov,22 22:50
Threesomes4001,Nov,22 17:22
How does ejaculation work?601,Nov,22 04:09
Self suck1301,Nov,22 02:57
Comments about your soft cock from unknown people231,Oct,22 13:30
Do you want me to cast a love spell on you? (Gay Magic Warlock..) ♂130,Oct,22 12:35
JERRY LEE LEWIS, R.I.P.730,Oct,22 00:49
Oddest places to masturbate529,Oct,22 17:03
Anybody else like feet?1229,Oct,22 15:12
Site Privacy PSA629,Oct,22 09:48
The democrats cannot define a woman until...Look below...41128,Oct,22 00:36
Rate a Cock: Suckable 1-10 and/or Fuckable 1-1013627,Oct,22 07:49
Post your most viewed picture26127,Oct,22 05:30
Prostate masturbation2326,Oct,22 15:12
Car masturbation3326,Oct,22 14:45
How To Spoil A Mans' Penis (A BOLD PROCLAMATION)126,Oct,22 03:36
Pussy licking425,Oct,22 16:54
Texas Sexas fun!1125,Oct,22 13:08
Have you been banned by the Saggy Granny? If so, why?1125,Oct,22 06:06
Texas members3425,Oct,22 06:06
BiCurious in Rio Grande Valley in south Texas425,Oct,22 06:00
First pussy or dick1825,Oct,22 05:42
How many women like men wearing panties824,Oct,22 01:08
for womens only823,Oct,22 22:13
Need an idea422,Oct,22 13:23
Pointless522,Oct,22 04:56
should i put on weight?522,Oct,22 04:53
What do you think?320,Oct,22 23:49
pic suggestions?320,Oct,22 23:47
To funny!!!!!1520,Oct,22 23:46
Piss on your cock1420,Oct,22 15:24
Do you collect porn pictures1120,Oct,22 11:38
**You know you're old ....**3720,Oct,22 09:58
new looking for fun120,Oct,22 07:25
watching guys jerk there cock off10019,Oct,22 22:05
If you could make ONLY ONE WISH8719,Oct,22 09:14
How do you know?418,Oct,22 20:37
Women masturbating4318,Oct,22 12:17
Tempted to make a group for cumstains. Worth the points?1218,Oct,22 01:39
HIV - How do you know???1617,Oct,22 18:10
Caught Wanking3517,Oct,22 15:55
CASTRATION1617,Oct,22 15:32
The acronym game. With penis12417,Oct,22 14:19
Masturbation frequency.4217,Oct,22 13:18
members you *would* miss5516,Oct,22 23:57
fisting216,Oct,22 21:40
Favourites Limit / Favourites Disappearing2216,Oct,22 15:17
Tribute of me by HornyDevil116,Oct,22 02:07
Do older women want sex with men?2515,Oct,22 14:35
hooking up with someone114,Oct,22 23:19
Jerking Off To Girls1114,Oct,22 01:58
Masturbation3113,Oct,22 19:37
who wants my girl to compare your cock to mine. shes honest3213,Oct,22 14:11
Be honest how big does mine look?613,Oct,22 14:11
Anyone ever gotten a professional “massage”?1112,Oct,22 00:29
cocks111,Oct,22 21:04
How to add photo to contests411,Oct,22 15:15
Group fun411,Oct,22 07:35
Local and Regular Jerk Buddy211,Oct,22 02:57
Wife vs Girlfriend110,Oct,22 11:55
Long, tight foreskins!3409,Oct,22 15:37
VR headset109,Oct,22 09:13
Full penis and balls removal.808,Oct,22 15:17
is it more hot to suck a guy with his socks on or off?1007,Oct,22 22:27
handjobs by girls or guys?2607,Oct,22 21:57
Who is the biggest on this site?3907,Oct,22 20:09
Bi curious?7207,Oct,22 19:18
Loretta Lynn passed away today she will be misse1307,Oct,22 11:45
Straight guys; What's your price?1106,Oct,22 22:38
Dom/Sub/BDSM fantasies?1806,Oct,22 19:05
Question for the straight guys13306,Oct,22 16:52
Fuck me please? Can anyone help with my fantasies? Xx506,Oct,22 07:50
Very skinny, white, and hairless506,Oct,22 00:02
boner under swim briefs3105,Oct,22 17:04
Anyone interested in castration?1705,Oct,22 05:39
Who here has considered a career in Porn?3004,Oct,22 23:06
Best location you ever had sex in?6504,Oct,22 21:07
FRIENDS OF BASQUE916104,Oct,22 19:30
Guys Only::::Piss Play?2103,Oct,22 15:14
Guys... who wishes they were born a girl?7403,Oct,22 13:21
What Animal has the biggest Cock?2103,Oct,22 06:03
Black Men.303,Oct,22 02:51
I want to cum on my gf's body but I just can't do it602,Oct,22 19:18
Locktober302,Oct,22 16:11
Spam401,Oct,22 23:08
LEAVING COMMENTS701,Oct,22 10:00
Hm Queen Elizabeth 2..15830,Sep,22 11:12
Kinky pics & kinky stories/thoughts729,Sep,22 17:47
Cum on Nylon Stockings629,Sep,22 09:12
Pantyhose fetish3129,Sep,22 09:06
Men in pantyhose3829,Sep,22 09:04
guys who like wearing pantyhose & nylons! Not panties but pantyhose & nylon stockings! Also any gals who indulge a guy with thi1329,Sep,22 09:03
My cock?1129,Sep,22 08:27
jerk off group in missouri???? cum on reply.....329,Sep,22 08:26
Where are the small titties?229,Sep,22 08:20
Post a favorite of your pictures5029,Sep,22 08:14
Hard-on during masturbation1929,Sep,22 08:07
just a cock?129,Sep,22 02:52
Kastrations - Spiele128,Sep,22 14:24
Please pick a holes7228,Sep,22 06:49
where u embarrassed at school about ur cock23527,Sep,22 16:55
"6 Inch Penises"4127,Sep,22 07:40
Execitement Meter126,Sep,22 21:50
Nude swimming at YMCA in USA3126,Sep,22 18:39
FIND THE INVISIBLE COW and other ethical tasks1226,Sep,22 08:50
𝔰𝔬𝔯𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔭𝔦𝔠𝔰 𝔞𝔱 ⻫2626,Sep,22 08:50
Ever fucked a hitchhiker?2326,Sep,22 08:49
"WESTERN" FILMS/TV SERIES14726,Sep,22 01:10
Underwear pics3425,Sep,22 23:59
TINY TITS2124,Sep,22 17:46
What age did you start puberty?7723,Sep,22 21:50
Rate my balls2923,Sep,22 21:25
Breast size3123,Sep,22 01:18
Tribute of me by RandomGuyUK122,Sep,22 12:25
Show me a close-up of your mushroom head with precum!10620,Sep,22 15:36
Eww... Gross.3620,Sep,22 14:04
Hairy MEN8620,Sep,22 13:01
Kennt jemand eine Seite oder дhnliches wo es nur um weibliche Oberschenkel geht?420,Sep,22 11:21
Rate the last dick/cunt11720,Sep,22 04:29
Toronto Circle Jerk Group319,Sep,22 12:54
Wisconsinites?318,Sep,22 15:49
Post your small penis2216,Sep,22 04:10
Small Cocks4414,Sep,22 16:05
Anal sex1714,Sep,22 14:57
wearing the wifes panties3213,Sep,22 21:55
Really so sick of political hidden agenda1713,Sep,22 15:55
****When you first saw your own penis glans by pulling back of your foreskine.1813,Sep,22 14:57
Post your big of small uncut Penis here. Who has the biggest Penis? Who has the smallest?2813,Sep,22 10:38
Small Penis Wannabes??4013,Sep,22 03:09
Tiny dicks2712,Sep,22 23:42
Keeping my foreskin back.1712,Sep,22 20:16
leaving skin back812,Sep,22 17:58
Anyone want to compare in-person in the Denver, Colorado area??412,Sep,22 17:40
Small and Medium Sized Dicks9611,Sep,22 23:21
Wearing panties while high on meth211,Sep,22 23:08
Do small or short guys have small dicks ?5011,Sep,22 22:55
has masturbating ever effected your ability when having sex? if so, how? 1210,Sep,22 23:26
anyone ever eat his own sperm after masturbation?10910,Sep,22 20:15
Cleaning your hole1809,Sep,22 13:25
Cock only torture, no balls.109,Sep,22 06:01
straight guys who like men to see there cocks7008,Sep,22 21:49
permanent shit brown stain on underside of cock2808,Sep,22 15:14
Longer cumming607,Sep,22 12:52
Favorite position to fuck a pussy?1807,Sep,22 04:19
Favourite Masturbating Position?9706,Sep,22 11:40
Gay meeting1006,Sep,22 09:54
First Time with another guy6006,Sep,22 09:46
Guys wearing onesies. Your thought?106,Sep,22 06:32
best places to find locals interested in fooling around?406,Sep,22 05:27
When did you First become a member here ???6006,Sep,22 03:39
Cock1906,Sep,22 00:20

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