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How many guys you've slept with?1218,Nov,18 17:20
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Guys approach to women on SYD1817,Nov,18 20:10
post your area code10617,Nov,18 19:18
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Need help!!!!!!!!!117,Nov,18 12:08
Male rotating masturbator ?117,Nov,18 07:41
Michelle Obama216,Nov,18 22:59
Who likes to swap oral 69216,Nov,18 05:04
What was your experience with Adam4Adam like?116,Nov,18 04:35
umm, could me please216,Nov,18 03:36
Issues Uploading photos515,Nov,18 19:17
redheads and cocks: do readheads have nice/ thicker cocks? or not really different1915,Nov,18 04:16
How much money would you give/take to suck my cock?1614,Nov,18 07:49
first experience3014,Nov,18 04:58
frenching a cock head1114,Nov,18 04:35
Favorite thing about your or your partners cock?3214,Nov,18 04:25
You tell me314,Nov,18 03:37
Foreskins1913,Nov,18 08:59
Border Wall ?1713,Nov,18 07:08
Tea bagging713,Nov,18 06:43
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soft cock head3613,Nov,18 00:04
Anyone here totally obsessed with cock?3512,Nov,18 22:54
Rain stops Trump1312,Nov,18 12:16
WE WILL REMEMBER THEM1312,Nov,18 02:14
i wanna suck big cock512,Nov,18 00:07
cum all over MY face1511,Nov,18 21:33
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my mom's vibrator 611,Nov,18 11:16
Pic contest with a fuck buddy410,Nov,18 23:27
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Most unusual place you’ve had sex1409,Nov,18 15:49
Strap-on Sex1709,Nov,18 06:58
Bay Area California.1009,Nov,18 05:12
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Going commando in Jeans ?2409,Nov,18 00:58
buttfuck908,Nov,18 09:34
Sex Change.508,Nov,18 08:51
Proud man...608,Nov,18 07:34
Has anyone ever asked a complete stranger to take nude photos of you608,Nov,18 03:51
A gay friend strange wishes108,Nov,18 02:32
Awkard female behavior3808,Nov,18 00:20
Castration1807,Nov,18 22:28
Putting your shit back up your ass...2807,Nov,18 05:27
A question for my fellow Bi's, Gays, and or Lesbians...906,Nov,18 22:12
What is a lesbian?106,Nov,18 17:46
Boy boobs, let’s see them406,Nov,18 17:40
Strangers1406,Nov,18 05:03
Who wants to see their wife gangbanged1405,Nov,18 23:38
tied up and fucked3105,Nov,18 22:26
which is better? for straight and bi men is women or guys better at sucking dick1905,Nov,18 18:32
Does anyone know of a site like this with bulges?404,Nov,18 07:14
All shemales1004,Nov,18 02:40
shemales704,Nov,18 02:39
Shemales2304,Nov,18 02:38
Is it just me that loves shemales?104,Nov,18 02:34
Should I keep seeing him?1503,Nov,18 15:42
Cum Dump803,Nov,18 03:38
Do I look best with or without hair?902,Nov,18 19:04
Wanting to be a little sissy help needed101,Nov,18 18:58
Friends with Benefits101,Nov,18 12:16
Paris Dylan1131,Oct,18 16:32
Got any Halloween themed cock pics?631,Oct,18 13:29
New Years sex831,Oct,18 11:57
Strap on1131,Oct,18 08:48
Peeing with both hands?630,Oct,18 22:58
Shaving legs2230,Oct,18 14:53
Brothers fucking eachother1729,Oct,18 17:26
Good news on science front427,Oct,18 22:59
retracting testicles2127,Oct,18 03:42
Group sex with friends625,Oct,18 19:01
step ****'s224,Oct,18 23:19
Glasgow Gay sauna/gay life122,Oct,18 22:21
CraigsList, Yey or Ney?1321,Oct,18 12:37
my best friend and my brother821,Oct,18 08:53
**** porn421,Oct,18 08:30
My boyfriend521,Oct,18 08:12
hotel room721,Oct,18 06:45
your sexy total stranger encounters...pls share2521,Oct,18 05:54
performing in public821,Oct,18 05:46
My sex slave fantasy621,Oct,18 05:34
Fantasies?1421,Oct,18 03:59
I want to suck cock and be forced into sissy submission!721,Oct,18 03:22
Unexpected621,Oct,18 01:44
abusive sex220,Oct,18 23:32
Mila620,Oct,18 18:28
question about masturbation2420,Oct,18 05:48
Masturbation Question14819,Oct,18 20:41
Have you ever drank pee?1719,Oct,18 12:08
Strap-on Sex519,Oct,18 11:24
What's sexy about pissing?518,Oct,18 18:30
Bathroom sex2218,Oct,18 16:16
Getting pegged617,Oct,18 11:33
Boys Boarding School317,Oct,18 04:39
COCK DOCKING4317,Oct,18 03:53
Underwear or no underwear2515,Oct,18 18:55
It's Birthday today2515,Oct,18 01:33
Trade cumshot videos?114,Oct,18 21:40
new average bigger?714,Oct,18 01:43
My fantasy..113,Oct,18 22:30
When You Take Photos Of Yourself , Do you Keep Them After Posting1713,Oct,18 17:52
Guess Who's Back?! Guess before opening, cheaters ;)!2213,Oct,18 16:46
Can u guess someone's age by using just a dick pic??6713,Oct,18 14:42
Penectomy113,Oct,18 08:52
regrets on loosing foreskin?2213,Oct,18 03:41
*Honesty*6012,Oct,18 23:36
Xplozion supplement812,Oct,18 22:39
Pose naked or flash with friend?912,Oct,18 02:04
Retracting the sskin311,Oct,18 21:21
Crazy stories?1011,Oct,18 03:23
Absurd message810,Oct,18 17:00
Chaturbate: Favorite Models/Performers110,Oct,18 05:33
chicagoland109,Oct,18 23:28
Finish this sentence...If my wife/girlfriend only knew...1109,Oct,18 16:45
It's just friendship!1509,Oct,18 15:31
A couple fantasy.508,Oct,18 12:13
Sex with a hermaphrodite308,Oct,18 10:09
Anyone ever suck off a family member growing up?3808,Oct,18 05:37
Older men1307,Oct,18 22:01
****2205,Oct,18 19:38
Don't be scared, just be less rapey...2404,Oct,18 18:21
Silent Orgasms403,Oct,18 22:00
Jacking off3603,Oct,18 21:55
Strange question maybe603,Oct,18 07:51
Who likes small cocks?9203,Oct,18 02:28
Household items for your boner /ass202,Oct,18 11:23
Erotic Mens Underware - Post a pic in your favorite pair602,Oct,18 06:52
Roosters were impeckable401,Oct,18 06:38
Peehole401,Oct,18 06:26
Billy Cosby sentence 3 to 5 years.9230,Sep,18 19:35
Attn: Bbws! you're sexy asf.. show belly off 😍1129,Sep,18 00:56
Shaving and manscaping929,Sep,18 00:49
Admin628,Sep,18 22:03
Fucking more than one in same day2728,Sep,18 20:18
Anybody Had A Forced Gay Experience?2828,Sep,18 06:49
Horny couple looks for attention1327,Sep,18 13:35
Are Tatoos sexy2327,Sep,18 11:18
i wana suck cock225,Sep,18 11:08
fucking household items1425,Sep,18 05:07
Dick falling out of your pants in public.424,Sep,18 19:07
For those who were circumsized as an adult324,Sep,18 15:55
I love fit studs with a nice bush!724,Sep,18 08:16
Looking for guys who are bigger...723,Sep,18 14:04
Masterpiece guitar solo's!5222,Sep,18 23:29
CUMLOADS2322,Sep,18 18:24
Ladies pee pics522,Sep,18 14:56
I'll HONESTLY rate your ERECTION... 6922,Sep,18 11:12
Using cum for your own toys guys?522,Sep,18 10:18
at WORK FANTASY1222,Sep,18 10:08
No talk, just sex822,Sep,18 08:07
Using wife's toy722,Sep,18 07:54
Looking for a HJ Buddy922,Sep,18 07:49
Wank buddy622,Sep,18 07:48
male pubic hair design3622,Sep,18 07:32
Manscaping3722,Sep,18 07:28
Offering myself for a bukkake party1022,Sep,18 07:23
any one else likes...922,Sep,18 06:36
She got my cum all over her face... time to fuck!322,Sep,18 05:05
my bf pussy922,Sep,18 04:11
Wife **** fantasy...1022,Sep,18 03:12
Wierd story? or not?722,Sep,18 02:43
Flashing the Dick2322,Sep,18 01:37
Fleshlight2022,Sep,18 01:34
big nipples or small1622,Sep,18 01:29
show your ass30022,Sep,18 01:24
have u ever caught a girl shit or piss?1022,Sep,18 00:43
wife watching hubby sucking822,Sep,18 00:35
Show Your Asshole!27622,Sep,18 00:32
ever catch a family member jerking it?2122,Sep,18 00:31
Cock Bulges.821,Sep,18 21:12
Do straight men prefer shaved or natural?5321,Sep,18 20:00
Survey Question?6421,Sep,18 19:55
C U M S H O T S ! ! !32721,Sep,18 18:57
Older women2221,Sep,18 18:21
kissing cock 1221,Sep,18 17:57
Commando penis here.921,Sep,18 11:22
Has anyone seen his/her pop's cock..i have1819,Sep,18 10:00
Naked at a hotel918,Sep,18 22:38
There is something about see other guys jack off that has always been a huge turn on2018,Sep,18 20:35
dirty comments for my asshole518,Sep,18 17:36
Chicks shaving1818,Sep,18 14:40
Hurricane Florence717,Sep,18 14:43
Any glory hole type situations around Sydney CBD areas?116,Sep,18 10:27
Knicker Sniffing1115,Sep,18 17:43
ASS LICKING1615,Sep,18 15:52
Help needed to take mastutbating to a new level815,Sep,18 13:59
Worst comment ever about your dick?3615,Sep,18 13:02
Looking for sizes of cocks whos forskin cover head when hard615,Sep,18 12:22
which dicks are looks beautiful when flaccid.cut or uncut. 7515,Sep,18 11:33
Taste Of Cum2115,Sep,18 10:33
let us see your soft uncut cock17115,Sep,18 10:17
Sharing your fleshlight with a buddy??1015,Sep,18 09:16
Wanking lube1315,Sep,18 08:45
Masturbation :)1315,Sep,18 05:49
Getting hard1515,Sep,18 05:41
HOW MANY TIMES A DAY?1715,Sep,18 04:44
Foreskin addict?2914,Sep,18 21:57
cock with condom3214,Sep,18 14:17
Topics From Forum Hell4213,Sep,18 21:56
Fox tail butt plug513,Sep,18 17:04
My Wife Still Talks about Ex during Sex and Wants Fuck313,Sep,18 16:50
Not many seem to chat.1413,Sep,18 16:36
SPH LOVER713,Sep,18 16:23
My penis is restrained inside a tiny cage and this is what I want done with it313,Sep,18 16:19
Have you ever spied on someone masturbating that didnt know you were watching313,Sep,18 16:06
OMG - best cockhead ever?12513,Sep,18 12:20
Where do you guys that like panties get them?2512,Sep,18 22:20
Undo picture contest post912,Sep,18 21:11
Bukkake4012,Sep,18 19:13
To Cum for increased self esteem and immunity.1512,Sep,18 06:15
Condom pics1912,Sep,18 03:50
A Night in Cocksucker Heaven (true!)311,Sep,18 17:52
Sucking cock1211,Sep,18 16:35
Why bother1811,Sep,18 05:51
CONDOM PICS...611,Sep,18 05:29
New Condom Pics711,Sep,18 05:28
Condom Pix3311,Sep,18 05:24
Girls...what do you do when a guy blows in your mouth?810,Sep,18 14:59
Looking for dick-pics for a new boardgame610,Sep,18 10:09
Noises when cumming2210,Sep,18 08:35
Kik?109,Sep,18 23:32
Cum without cumming.1209,Sep,18 14:23
Three somes3509,Sep,18 14:00
I alway wondered about ....1709,Sep,18 13:57
Setting up to be caught/video609,Sep,18 13:26
Orgasm strength and noise? Is there are a relevance?1609,Sep,18 13:12
Hard dick or soft dick?1609,Sep,18 06:46
sniffing panties2509,Sep,18 04:24
moms hot lady friend 1409,Sep,18 04:11
Frottage 1109,Sep,18 01:44
Time spent sucking cock...1609,Sep,18 01:32
How many guys would suck if they knew nobody would find out?5609,Sep,18 01:13
anal sex? painful or pleasurable? 2908,Sep,18 23:44
plz rate my cock808,Sep,18 21:06
who else plays with there nipples as there touching there cock2108,Sep,18 19:19
Best thing ever2508,Sep,18 17:29
Virgin cock for ladies (no gay!)708,Sep,18 17:08
Top or Bottom5608,Sep,18 16:58
Is your Bi side a s.e.c.r.e.t?5308,Sep,18 14:49
Uncut soft penis11408,Sep,18 14:48
She milked my prostate!3408,Sep,18 14:20
Rate mine or anyones ass4208,Sep,18 13:36
to shy 1408,Sep,18 12:52
Dirty sticky panties 508,Sep,18 12:46
Sniffing Ladies Panties1608,Sep,18 12:42
Sniffing dirty panties2408,Sep,18 12:34
Cock in and out of panties1208,Sep,18 12:24
I love a pretty, well-formed glans8308,Sep,18 11:52
Rock Hard Boners10808,Sep,18 11:52
Hey guys, show me your beautiful hard erections!18108,Sep,18 11:46
When did you first learn about masturbating?6908,Sep,18 11:42
Large Cock Heads9708,Sep,18 11:38
POTM spamming1908,Sep,18 11:22
Burt reynolds1208,Sep,18 07:53
MALE ASSES21807,Sep,18 23:26
Self Esteem/ Masturbation107,Sep,18 20:03
What the Heck?407,Sep,18 12:53
Muslim Dick207,Sep,18 05:06
Nashville107,Sep,18 01:24
wanking hubby1506,Sep,18 20:39
wierdest things806,Sep,18 12:52
who is the oldest1306,Sep,18 12:50
Handjob over sex1406,Sep,18 12:48
Flat asses.1206,Sep,18 12:14
Jacking off in front of woman9506,Sep,18 09:50
What do you **** in? 2305,Sep,18 09:44
Post your Black and White Cock Boobs Asses and other pics505,Sep,18 01:01
How old were you when you started jacking off? 6804,Sep,18 19:14
Craziest, most unexpected person to suck your dick?3604,Sep,18 19:12
premature ejaculation fetish1204,Sep,18 19:06
What is the quickest you have ever made yourself cum8004,Sep,18 19:02
How would you react IF somebody would ask you to fuck for money?904,Sep,18 18:46
waxing904,Sep,18 16:09
tied cock and balls404,Sep,18 07:15
Most times you've come in one day2603,Sep,18 21:01
Someone's masturbation1603,Sep,18 20:36
My pussy..603,Sep,18 17:59
Naked all the time?903,Sep,18 11:13
Old member403,Sep,18 06:51
What to say to a friend2101,Sep,18 22:15
Love handjobs5701,Sep,18 18:42
Expose me!!201,Sep,18 14:55
Condoms with steel cock rings?301,Sep,18 08:32
someone for the weekend131,Aug,18 09:10
Hypothetical Cave In Dilemma:3930,Aug,18 23:42
Perfect Cock?530,Aug,18 22:31
ME to movement for men perhaps?2730,Aug,18 18:08
The French don't like a wolf whistle?629,Aug,18 20:16
Want my wife to suck friend1129,Aug,18 20:09
In Case You Want to See What's Happening in the Star Chamber:25029,Aug,18 17:17
Will Viagra benefit if you are in the bottom role only? 🔥326,Aug,18 18:17
Any sides here?726,Aug,18 16:26
Things i would like to try126,Aug,18 13:02
Felling submissive to younger, hung guys1024,Aug,18 18:16
ARETHA FRANKLIN R.I.P.524,Aug,18 18:08
Gym Workout Sex824,Aug,18 04:47
Amazon position222,Aug,18 01:34
if you love to watch cumshots1721,Aug,18 08:03
Who makes video tributes??220,Aug,18 21:06
Sex Position have you tried?520,Aug,18 19:18
PINK Nips or BROWN Nips...which are you?3418,Aug,18 17:31
fake profiles3217,Aug,18 20:49
Video515,Aug,18 18:17
**** Public Blowjob parlors real?2314,Aug,18 22:26
Threesome with us.. Message or comment now (;614,Aug,18 09:15
Donald Trump 45th President of United States1113,Aug,18 20:37
*ON THIS DAY*6813,Aug,18 18:05
Saving Sperm in a container2013,Aug,18 01:00
Small Black Cocks2012,Aug,18 13:59
Is it best called the pussy or the cunt?1412,Aug,18 11:30
Wanking to porn bad or good?912,Aug,18 00:49
Bi guys - Prefer eating pussy, or sucking cock?6010,Aug,18 14:12
Question on boxers.710,Aug,18 13:33
THE EARTH IS FLAT!31310,Aug,18 10:09
Getting off on pain pills110,Aug,18 02:34
I need opinions for my penis1309,Aug,18 01:40
I am new to this site1108,Aug,18 22:39
wish more would say where they're from... 2608,Aug,18 22:37
Cunt or pussy for 'show me'1108,Aug,18 22:36
Sexual objectification of Cheetos and other orange stuff.608,Aug,18 09:10
pictures207,Aug,18 05:03
immigration,cuba?2206,Aug,18 19:59
Why When I put makeup my wife she Be more exciting?606,Aug,18 19:56
Donald Trump $1000 Bill to circulate..1206,Aug,18 19:26
Exposed2005,Aug,18 22:00
Real Penis Enlargement (PE)805,Aug,18 15:34
Realist penis sleeve - exactly like a dick.403,Aug,18 14:16
Women with BALLZ !! 602,Aug,18 22:47
Would anyone fuck this2301,Aug,18 20:40
what is it called when I like my pussy to be exposed in front of him?801,Aug,18 04:24
can't get hard on webcam :S931,Jul,18 13:18
Pre-cum explained--2631,Jul,18 08:09
Jim Jordan Running for House Speaker1531,Jul,18 04:09
My girl..930,Jul,18 23:23
Precum, Like it or not2828,Jul,18 09:32
Recommend music for us all to set the mood.528,Jul,18 05:55
friends dad128,Jul,18 02:42
Undiscovered gems!1127,Jul,18 21:36
Tehnique for anal penetration?1426,Jul,18 07:26
Am I sexy enough?1726,Jul,18 00:22
Fabulous First 'Meetings' on SYC625,Jul,18 12:17
urethra325,Jul,18 05:36
Any couples like to KIK325,Jul,18 04:07
ANAL PENETRATION2223,Jul,18 18:53
Sharing fantasies with partner123,Jul,18 00:28
Long Beards and Goatees for Oral Stimulation?422,Jul,18 19:45
Xtube xhamster imagefap reddit submissions exposure421,Jul,18 20:47
First time sucked cock421,Jul,18 02:38
Custom design toys,machines,vibraters..620,Jul,18 22:47
fisting120,Jul,18 22:42
Stretching uncut foreskin to make it longer?1120,Jul,18 15:20
Soft uncut4920,Jul,18 13:24
Frenulum orgasm1520,Jul,18 12:46
Underpants/Boxers/Or Nothing ?1620,Jul,18 12:45
CockFight120,Jul,18 12:18
For the gay guys720,Jul,18 10:35
i like foreskin!!!!11620,Jul,18 10:34
I love having my cock sucked.720,Jul,18 09:12
Natural/Hairy/Bushy/Ungroomed Penises!4720,Jul,18 08:40
If i was sucking your cock...2920,Jul,18 08:38
Soft cock pics17920,Jul,18 08:30
Post your straight guys ass1320,Jul,18 08:29
Am I gay or bi1120,Jul,18 08:10
Finally sucked my first cock!5320,Jul,18 08:08
gloryholes3020,Jul,18 08:02
what`s your real size? (in cms)6220,Jul,18 07:31
Pretty Penises28220,Jul,18 07:30
Your Load8220,Jul,18 07:26
sperm is beautiful!6720,Jul,18 07:23
Do you speak Russian?720,Jul,18 06:57
Tasting my own cock?820,Jul,18 06:57
How did you know your gay/bi and your first experience?1620,Jul,18 06:36
She-male confusion420,Jul,18 05:16
PANTY WEARING MEN?8220,Jul,18 04:56
Strap on, dildo, vibrator versus the real thing. What do you prefer?1820,Jul,18 04:42
How many dicks have u sucked? A question for women and men4520,Jul,18 03:30
Cock rings?3420,Jul,18 02:51
Anal masterbation820,Jul,18 02:31
Ordering toys discretely320,Jul,18 02:25
Anal Fingering819,Jul,18 23:11
fantasies219,Jul,18 22:32
My first Blog on SYD219,Jul,18 03:01
Should humans goto Mars?6719,Jul,18 01:15
How long morning wood lasts?3119,Jul,18 01:10
The mystery of Filipino cocks!!!518,Jul,18 22:23
Smallest tits onsite218,Jul,18 22:14
Anal survey818,Jul,18 21:16
Anyone going commando today?2418,Jul,18 20:32
My little fantasy. Whats yours?1018,Jul,18 16:31
Cumming/coming while anally masturbating117,Jul,18 23:39
MY hole or HER hole?3417,Jul,18 21:22
Has anyone fucked two sisters?7617,Jul,18 16:11
Who is from Canada?7817,Jul,18 07:09
****.?617,Jul,18 02:37
Grey Pubes?1517,Jul,18 01:36
The BEST Cocks are always Asian4116,Jul,18 22:24
East Indian Cock816,Jul,18 17:28
anyone from virginia?1216,Jul,18 08:19
taking a pic of cumshot1815,Jul,18 22:23
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Cockrings8515,Jul,18 20:05
Cock for gf.1915,Jul,18 13:02
We can now select multiple Pictures and choose a category etc thanks to the Admin.1415,Jul,18 00:32
I can't President.614,Jul,18 23:02
♫ Horrible Songs & Horrible Lyrics ♪5814,Jul,18 22:04
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Anthropological study214,Jul,18 20:16
Pet Hates anyone?814,Jul,18 19:20
Can a girl be too wet?2814,Jul,18 18:12
Sexting214,Jul,18 16:25
Someone to Sext514,Jul,18 16:24

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